Puzzle Warriors 3 - Ep#285: KickSpit Underground UI changes

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Puzzle Warriors 3 - Ep#285: KickSpit Underground UI changes
* UI update 
* R223


  • Storm of fireStorm of fire Posts: 37 Just Dropped In
    A comment for Ray: I had to catch up about 4 episodes in a week because episode 281 kept sending me to sleep the four times I tried listening to it.
    And this one nearly sent me to sleep twice, so make of that what you will about how interesting the podcast is and/or how soporific your voices are.

    I found it quite fun listening to Craig and Ian talking about St Patrick's day. I mostly know when it is because I have a friend who does Irish dancing and always does displays and public performances the week of.
    And so I know 'instrumental' Irish music likely includes reels and jigs and hornpipes and other things my friend dances to. (I think it's the other instruments like the bodhran and uilleannn pipes that make Irish folk music sound good.) 

    The dim on enemy turn of the new UI doesn't affect me much, but then I like to read in cars when I'm a passenger. The colours do annoy me though and vaguely make me think someone accidentally switched between RGB & CMYK when doing the colour palette. 
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    Apathy Ian, I think we can all agree is our favourite Ian.
    Still regarding the new board, although I agree the community usually does just hate everything new, this time so many new people have registered with the forum and given some great insight into why this board is giving them issues. For once it's not just people threatening to quit, it's people sad they might have to quit because of various reasons.
    Myself, I've quickly got used to the new board. But like just about everyone I don't like the dimming and special tiles and countdowns could do with more contrast. I keep missing countdowns! I'm sure it will improve.

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