Objectives not completing properly

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Two of three objectives did not complete properly for me. I was playing the Planechasing Fblthp event and had the objectives to defeat 5 opponents in PVE events and trigger 6 times extra swap. While I was playing, the system added one to cast 15 black or red cards. I completed the 5 opponents and black or red cards objectives at the same time, but when I went back to the home screen (by bringing up the menu and tapping Home) it showed 1 less for both objectives (4/5 for opponents and 14/15 for black or red cards). Is this a known issue and if so, how can it be corrected? Thank you. 


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    Hello @Adammair
    We apologize for the issue you faced. Is it about the Daily Quests?
    Please contact our Support Team by opening the game, tapping on the Menu icon, choosing "Settings", and tapping on "Help Center".
    Inform what happened with as many details as you can and they will be super happy to help you!

    Thank you,