Lost matches when the network is disconnected or another app puts the game in the background

The game periodically reports a lost connection.  This can even happen in the middle of a match.  When it does, the match ends, apparently with whatever star status was present at the time. For most matches this is just annoying, but in a Survival match, it ends the run, particularly with recent events with a single life for the run.  This seems to affect me at least once every event, and can add up to significant lost coins and the need to spend more diamonds or wait another period for a free chance.  For regular matches it could be lost trophies.

Similarly, if another app takes precedence, it can sometimes put the game in a state where it restarts instead of resumes.  This has the same effect on a match in progress.

The game should not hold these conditions against the player, and should allow the match to be restarted from the beginning.  (As noted before, this is most important for Survival runs.)


  • DamienECGDamienECG ADMINISTRATORS Posts: 20 Just Dropped In
    Hi SirDerlin,

    Thanks for reaching out with these issues. The "Network Error" bug has been reported by some live players, however the issue can't be reproduced on our test devices, in our test environment. The team is actively working on a fix for this bug. In the mean time, please try the following solutions below, some of which have been known to fix the bug for some players:

    • Verify the network errors are GI Joe specific, and don't occur on other apps
    • Clear the game cache
    • Clear the Play store cache (if you have an Android device) or clear the App Store cache (if you have an iOS device.)
    • Uninstall and reinstall the game
    • Please try on another network, if possible
    • Please try with data connection
    • Please try on another device, if possible
    The "restart state" bug you mentioned hasn't been reported before. We will investigate this bug immediately. Thanks for your patience in this matter.

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