ISO not correctly doubled in strange sights

AXP_isme Posts: 809 Critical Contributor
The Kaecilius node in strange sights seems to be awarding 3,500k ISO which is the normal award. I would expect it to be 7,000 ISO while we're in double ISO for anniversary. 

The same was also true of the final showdown node against 5* Doc Ock on the final day of webbed wonder. That normally awards 5,000 ISO so I would have expected it to award 10,000 ISO during anniversary. 

If this trend continues we will have missed out on over 15,000 of ISO. At normal prices that would be more than a hidden stash and a dead drop. I'll take the £15 odd quid paid in to my account directly if that's easier 😉


  • DeNappa
    DeNappa Posts: 1,183 Chairperson of the Boards
    Yeah I noticed this too. A real bummer.