Awakened Inferno Adjustment

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The objective: Win using a Beginner, Expert, or Master Deck. The matchmaking pairs people up with opponent's decks that are from the other nodes, meaning they might be using a very strong deck that isn't a beginner, expert, or master deck. This just happened to me and I got destroyed because of the opponents very strong deck that was of their own design (which 9 times out of 10 especially in platinum will always beat a preconstructed deck even as Greg). This is entirely unfair. We're just lucky there isnt ranking rewards in this event. Still it should obviously be changed to have players playing the fight from that node who are asked to meet the objective, face off against the other player's decks built for that node to meet the same objective.


  • soultwist
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    I don't think very many people attempt to get that objective so they just play a strong deck that they can use PW abilities for the other objective.  I know that's what I do