The Foot Clan is recruiting (PVE focused)

oni_889oni_889 Posts: 21 Just Dropped In
Alliance: The_Foot_Clan
IGN: Oni_889
2 Spot(s) Available.
We are a alliance of daily players with a Top 250 PVE, most of the time around 130's.  Generally top 500 in pvp as well.  We all come together to fully finish all Alliance Events.
Alliance looking for Casual but Dedicated Daily Player. I think the alliance is split between pvp and pve players. We would like a dedicated player of any skill level, BUT they should be interested/motivated to reach the MAX PVE progression. We would also request any heads up for time taken away from the game, otherwise we would have thought you have left permanently.  We complete Round 8 of Boss events that are single rewards.

The Alliance uses LINE for coordination, chatting and sharing of information.  It is not required but encouraged to make the experience more enriching.

Let me know if you are a good fit.


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