Active Story

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Welcome to the landing page for the Active Story alliance. Our name should say it all, but to be clear, this is a PVE focused alliance. If you get full story mode rewards and beyond every event, this is a place for you.

A top 100ish alliance, with a goal to make that consistent every event.

The "rules" are simple. If you are not performing, and find yourself at the bottom of the team score, you're gonna get the boot.

The feeling has always been -when you get kicked, it is nothing personal, and you are always welcome back.
But how do you get back in? until now, pretty much just luck.
Here is a way to get back into the mix.

This is not a general recruitment call (but anyone is certainly welcome). The goal of this page is for our lost members to be able to return if they are performing well again.

So lets try this out
2 or 3 days into an event, up until the VERY end of it - feel free to just post your PVE score up here, and if there are people way below what you've got, they get booted, and you get in (I'll personal message you if you are getting in so we can work out a good time to open the spot to ensure you get in)

founder, and current commander - active story


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    OK. This is pretty old and he is no commander anymore, as far as I know. :-) Anybody else here?