Apocalypse yellow power bug vs Iceman

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Is it me or does Apocalypse's Shared strength (yellow power increase) does not work when Iceman is on the opposite team? Every time i face Iceman (5*), with shared strength tiles on board, the other power do not benefit from it? is it a bug or does iceman have a power that i don't understand?


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    Is their Iceman burning CP to reduce the incoming damage? See if he is populating yellow CD tiles after every hit. You may also see this behavior vs a Mr. Sinister team if he has Black AP banked up. There is some funny behavior I've seen with defensive powers like those, also vs Black Panther (5*) where the damage reduction happens a bunch of times to successive hits from a single power before it responds to the condition at hand.

    Specifically the 5* BP one - if you hit him with a high damage power, he should reduce it some and then jump back into his self stun. If he catches a multi-hit power though he will sit there and take every hit with reduced damage, and THEN jump back into self stun. Offensively you would want him to take a single hit, interrupt to the jump back, and then start taking full damage from successive hits.
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    Iceman's yellow ability is a passive that reduces damages if it passes a certain threshold and they have teamup AP because it drains some of that as well.  If you see yellow countdown tiles show up for the opponent, then his passive fired.
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    I know about his Passive yellow, so at times yes, it is because of his passive yellow, but most of the time it isn't - I have paid attention to his passive each time, and most of the time, iceman simply being on the board cancels out Apoc's shared strength and then it kinds of bugs because that bugs stays a round or two even after he dies.
    I have also seen in PVP where if they have Peggy Carter as a team up, the cost of my powers go up by 4. not sure if this just happened to me or not.
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    Firstly, There is a specific area in the forums to inquire about possible bugs. You might find more help there if it doesn’t present here.

    Secondly, I have had a similar experience with some “wonkiness” around Apoc’s Yellow. He has a support Attached to increase “power damage done by xxx” that works fine without Shared Strength tiles out, but once they are out, that perk disappears completely.
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