What aspect ratio is your device?



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    Anyway the big loser on this change is anyone with an Apple tablet.  Not surprisingly, the ratio of revenue from Apple to Google devices is about 30/70.
    Well of course the revenue from Apple devices is lower... as anything I buy on ios costs at least 10% more, I play on my Ipad, but I buy on an Android device. But I could never play properly on that phone, much too small. I think revenue is not a good measure for the device people play on.
    As far as IAPs for MPQ, in the US the Apple Store and Google Play are the same cost.

    Honestly I think the biggest reason for the split is that Android devices are cheaper and hence used by more players.  Even if Apple has a big market share among device manufacturers, there are simply more people walking around using Android phones, tablets etc.
    You can play MPQ on a $50 tablet or android phone. So, obviously the ratio is going to be a huge difference.

    I would venture a guess that the per device revenue would be higher on IOS. Given the cost of entry would most likely give you a higher gross income across the player base.

    If Apple keeps making a play for market share on the lower end (iPhone SE) that may change, but so would the overall ratio. 

    I find it hard to believe that the income generated from IOS doesn’t warrant supporting their most common resolutions in the best way possible. That cost cutting measure doesn’t bode well for the state of MPQ financially, at least that’s my perception. 

    Disclaimer: No elitist android shaming going on here I promise. I own android devices as well and I’m fully aware that high income individuals also choose android at times. Apple tax is real though and you need a certain amount of disposable income to overcome it....that’s all I’m saying.
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    Google pixel 4 says 19:9 could be incorrect
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    I play on 3 different devices:
    Phone (LG G6): 2:1 (2880x1440).  It has bars on the top and bottom... bars that screw up when coming back from the screen sleeping (they shrink and cause all the hitboxes to be askew from where the gems are in the screen) that I've posted numerous bug reports about and got no resolution on
    Tablet #1 (Asus 7") : 16:10 (1280x800).  It used to be full screen and was the best, so I used it most of the time.  Now it has *@#$* bars on the side that shrink the dang screen.  It looks atrocious.
    Tablet #2 (Asus 10"): 16:10 (1280x800). Same as above, only bigger so it looks even worse.  I have already uninstalled MPQ from this device cause it's not worth playing on it.  Everything looks compressed because of the bigger size.  It gives me a headache if I play for more than 10 minutes.
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