Onslaught blue ability - possible bug with fortified tiles?

MizzouAntler Posts: 4 Just Dropped In
Champed Onslaught recently and noticed his blue ability: ("Pick a tile and, in the chosen tile's row and column, deal x damage for every enemy special tile..."), doesn't count enemy special tiles to do damage if they are fortified.  Does anybody know if this is an intended mechanic or if this is a bug?

Sorry if already discussed, didn't see any thread on the first page here or in the character discussion, though I didn't read the entire character discussion thread.


  • bluewolf
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    I can't see any indication in his thread that people noticed this before.

    I don't think many people had him champed until about now since he's not nearly meta enough, so they weren't really using him other than in Essentials and his PVP.

    Anyway, there's no indication that this is supposed to be happening (ignoring fortified tiles) and it seems like something that should be addressed if possible.  There's a fair amount of fortification going on at this point.