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Hello everyone i quitted the game for a while and now i am returning back and need some help on how to move on.My current roster is +all 2 stars that i am championing/selling also i can roster some 4 stars more (via shards or via 3*rewards) which they are:
America Chavez,C America,Cloak And Dagger,Ghost,Hellcat,Legion,Magik,M.O.D.O.K.Maria Hill,Winter Soldier,Peggy Carter,X-23,Venom(Eddie Brock),Gamora but i lack HP atm
Also Have saved up 1550 CP 1,4Mil Iso 48 Latest Legends and 6 Mighty.
Shall i slowly keep going into 4 star land or try for some 5 stars? also atm i am Playing on Level 7 on PvP and 6 on PvE so i can level up my 3's more.


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    The first question you need to answer is: Do you like playing Versus?
    If the answer is Yes - do not level up any 5* that you may inadvertantly pull.
    If the answer is no - do as you wish.
    If the answer is maybe - do not level up any 5* that you may inadvertantly pull.
    Of the 4* mentioned, the stand-outs are America Chavez (critical tyle creation and "free" powers), Hellcat (very useful against special tile users and has a boost power) and Gamora (stun and special tiles, possible insta-kill), followed by Cloak & Dagger (one of the most valuable support characters and offer multiple useful powers) maybe Peggy Carter (she used to be top tier due to her AP increase ability but power creep means she gets shredded quite easily in modern MPQ so you wont keep it long enough to be effective). I have a personal soft spot for M.O.D.O.K also because he is such fun. Magik has nice AP generation but she isn't top tier. Legion is a bit of a strange one - he definitely has potential, too soon yet to really find a team for him.
    Maria Hill, Winter Soldier, X-23 and Venom are all low priority in my opinion. Maria is fine on offence but the AI will kill her on defence. Winter Soldier just doesn't really do all that much, Venom is niche and X-23 whilst having a nice heal is underpowered in green and her purple is hard to fire.
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    Per Legion. I would say that while he doesn’t seem to be really meta, he does provide instant rainbow teams and anyone who can go invisible can be a wildcard in vs. Also, not a bad character for AP manipulation.
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    Thank you both for the reply i like playing  versus but now i am in the scl7 and i am having a hard time since my guys seem way underleveled compared to the other teams
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    Actually, Shield Clearance Level does not affect who you can be matched up against - it only affects who is playing against you for placement and what prizes you can recieve.
    What is likely happening is that you might be playing in slices/time slots where there are less 3* teams and so MMR is stretching further to find you match-ups and this might include some baby champ 4* or low level 5* teams. So it might be worth experimenting with different time slices and also what times of day you play. Also be aware that as you climb higher, matches will generally become more difficult as better teams in your time slot will probably have more points and points factor into who the game makes you fight the higher you go. When you "break" MMR, you will also be able to see and be seen by a wider range of opponents, this tends to be above 800 points but that is not hard and fast.
    For example - I am a 4* player who could go to being a 5* player, I have a broad roster of 4* and two fully covered but non champed meta 5* in Kitty and BRB. My usual experience (depending on when I start a PvP) is to start out with battles against mid or low level 4* champs and high level 3* champs but as I progress I will normally see my MMR expands to low level 5* teams that are more than one cover and up to as high as Lvl 300+ 4* Champs and single 5* champs. It very much depends on when I play in terms of avoiding lots of hits and finding reasonable match ups.
    It may also be that your top two 4* are have a slight skewing effect on your MMR as they are quite a few levels higher than your next lot - when your roster catches up there should be a levelling effect to some extent but until then you might be getting matched in brackets of MMR that do not represent your roster strength.
    There are posters on here far more knowledgeable than me so they might have much more insight into MMR problems than the nonsense I posted above.
    Good luck!