Cobra Week Survival and Spec Ops

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Cobra Week!

Includes Joe Survival Event with Duke!


Each milestone gives additional event coins.


BUYOUT BONUS REWARD: Duke/Cobra Commander - Featured item x3


  • CthulhuCthulhu ADMINISTRATORS Posts: 405 Site Admin
    For Cobra week the Duke event has the same table of awards listed above.  As it's listed, if you play Duke you get the Joe buyout box, if you play the Cobra Commander event you get the Cobra buyout box!

    Let me know if you have any questions.
  • JCWestJCWest Posts: 41 Just Dropped In
    COMPLETELY, OUTSTANDING! (Can't say I like the easy HQ kills, but the event as well as patches and upgrades have made many of my alliance members happy, as well as myself.)

    I'm still only receiveing 50 trophies at my highest reward, through Campaign battles (20), while lower level members are free to receive 50-75. Is this "leveling the leveling field" feature going to be going on for the next few upgrades, or will this be amended at an appointed time? It's good for many of my team; however, I am mostly just copping 300 of 600 trophies won, per day. I've my personal ranks diminish, from being 1st in my region on both factions, after 1.2 (first upgrade). 

    I am also wondering if and when we will, as higher level player's of the app, be able to begin progressing further into the map. I, and many other's are locked at 20, waiting for an increase in HQ, radar, and buildings/weapons upgrades, as well as Personal self-player level increases. This being locked at level 20, as well.

    It dawned on me, that you may not be fully aware of all the detrimental aspects of the game's features for those of us who have sepnt very hard earned time, effort, and a suprising lot of us; who have paid money for a much more lucrative investment.

    I would also like to take this time to apologize for my behaviour and participation in bashing you and your teams, at D3 and ECG. I am emberassed about it, for my part. I know that we, as publisher and client, must work together to achieve a better play experience, for all players of this app. I am sorry.

    Please, accept my apology as we begin a new step, towards a brighter future, for ALL participants of the app.

    With all do resect, to you, and the teams at D3 and ECG,

    You long-time, BETA warrior,

    J.C.West (Leader, ACTION*FORCE)
  • CthulhuCthulhu ADMINISTRATORS Posts: 405 Site Admin
    Thank you J.C.   I will discuss on our side and try to collect an answer.  We are definitely working hard to release changes each month or more.  

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