Hixus enables creatures while being on the battlefield [Fix in 4.4]

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All of my opponent creatures were disabled by my Hixus and on the next turn they were enabled, attacked me and were disabled again.
As you can see from the battle log my opponent activated Ashiok's first PW ability and then cast an enchantment, Leyline of the Void, which activates Nightmare Harvest's constellation ability. I'm assuming that interaction exiled a different Hixus which was on my library, not the one in play, and that triggered the Hixus in play enabling all my opponent creatures.
That is not how Hixus should behave since it has 2 conditions.

First one reads:

"...That creature is Disabled as long as this card is in play." the card never left the battlefield.

Second one reads:

"When this support is exiled or destroyed: Enable all opposing creatures" I'm guessing another Hixus was exiled.

The card was still in play but at the same time was exiled. How should this work?







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    This issue is now under investigation.

    Thank you for the feedback,
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