3* shards

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Curious as to what the expectation is with all of these 3* shards I keep accruing.  Do I duplicate covers, or just burn the shards for iso-8? If dupe, what's the benefit? Just tired of seeing the green meters build up for 3* characters I don't touch unless needed, in which some of those characters have thousands of shards building for what feels like no reason.


  • TheJumpman
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    To be clear, these 3* characters are all champions. I only have 3 3* left and all my 3* will be maxed, doesn't mean the shards don't stop accruing.
  • TPF Alexis
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    Dupe, re-champ, keep up a steady flow of all the HP, CP, and 4* covers/shards. To keep the HP cost under control, I have a handful of slots I rotate dupes through, selling the original when the dupe is high enough level to take over.
  • DAZ0273
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    I also dupe where I can but I don't automatically re-roster everybody. As colourless shards work best for one character at a time, I tent to focus on whoever is highest so I can get them to 266 and look at whether they can be recycled, meanwhile I have a bunch of dupes working towards being max champed again. The accumulated shards are not wasted, they can just sit there until you decide to dupe the character in question and gives you some extra covers as a starting point.
  • krakenoon
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    I think max shards is 99,999 before you have to invest or start losing new shards.