In-tier counters to common teams: 4*

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It's been a while since I've posted but I've been playing actively for the past year or so now. I thought it would be good to make a post about counters to common teams since there's only a few days left in the season. The objective here is to keep the counter characters to the same tier, since it's pretty trivial to take fully covered 5* characters to smash lower tier characters. Here are some of the common tough fights that I've been seeing and some counters I've been having success with. It would be great to see what else the community has to offer:

Grocket - Gamora - Juggs. Counter with: Thing (5 yellow) -  Vulture - Medusa. First match, put Vulture or Medusa up front, then get a bunch of protect tiles to slow the match down. Vulture should then be able to wipe out the remaining strikes (or better yet, Medusa can steal them) to make an easy fight. Take down Gamora first, and Vulture hard-counters Grocket. 

Worthy - Cap Marvel - Grocket. Counter with: Nico (5 blue) - Vulture - (any red/black user). This team gives rainbow coverage and hits soft enough to keep Cap Marvel/Worthy from going off. Use Vulture's black to make blue for Nico. Nico hard-counters all countdowns and stuns for a long time. Once things are settled, Nico can start making special tiles to get damage and buffs in. Hulkbuster is a good 3rd. 

Grocket - Gamora - Medusa/Kitty. Counter with: Worthy (5 yellow) - Cap Marvel - Grocket. Worthy should get proc'ed right away and strikes go through the roof. Easy match barring a disaster cascade. 

Karnak - xxx - xxx. Counter with: America - Ghost - ME Hulk - The initial cascade should give you a big enough head start to put crits on the board and down Karnak before he switches on. Ghost hits extra hard right away for the fast nuke. If one of the xxx is Bishop, this gets trickier. I haven't figured that one out yet. 

Medusa - Carnage - F4ntastic. Counter with: America - Ghost - ME Hulk. If all goes well you can nuke Medusa down quickly and the fight becomes a lot easier. 

Bishop - Peggy - Deadpool. Counter with: Iceman - Mockingbird - Vulture. This team has a bunch of dead colors so they're not as bad as they look. Annoying for sure though. Target Peggy first, Mockingbird should boost damage a bit to make things faster but not so much as to trigger Bishop. Stun Peggy or Bishop as necessary, have Vulture generate blue for a reliable stun lock. Let the team gather useless match 4s in black or green if possible to fire off skills for free, hopefully one-shotting Bishop or Peggy with Bombshell. 


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    Grocket - Gamora - Juggs.  It's much easier to use Grocket/Juggs/Quake (yellow/Green at 5). Her passive stops Juggs Damage and your own Juggs/strike wreaks havoc. Target Gamora first obviously. Generally once you get the Green for Quake her nuke should just about finish off Juggs (or Rockets Blue).

    Karnak - xxx - xxx. As long as XXX isn't Bishop it's much easier with Grocket/Juggs because Juggs will kill Karnak long before he procs and even if he does proc his crits Juggs 90% immunity makes him laugh at Karnaks damage.

    In the same vein Juggs/Grocket is great for America teams because once again his 90% immunity means her crits don't do much damage.