Alpha & the Omegas token gave me 5* Yelena

GoBucsGo Posts: 13 Just Dropped In
Tried my luck at one last pull on alpha and omega and got a 5*. To my surprise when the cover showed it was a purple Yelena cover??? Did had get put into this vault accidentally when added to latest legends???


  • jredd
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    i got one as well. she is listed in the potential rewards. not sure what happens now...
  • bowla33
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    Yeah. Wasn't expecting that. Can I exchange it for characters we were supposed to get? Think I've been bamboozled out of two Apoc covers.
  • bluewolf
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    It was an error for a few hours, which has been resolved.

    The odds for a 5 went up to 1:6 instead of 1:7 and Yelena was in the store.

    The store is back to the original odds and just has Apocalypse, Iceman and Star Lord in it.

    I suppose you could ask to swap the cover but I doubt they would do it, since you had advantageous odds when you pulled her.