Back after a year, need help catching up. :(

cooperbigdaddycooperbigdaddy Posts: 362 Mover and Shaker

It's been about a year, and I need some help catching up. If it helps to know where I left off, you can see my roster below. I don't know anything about Shards and left a little after Supports happened.

I'm going to skim the forums for new happenings, but anything anyone can let me know about, I would love! I'm generally a 4-star player, so metas in that range are encouraged! My go to team is RG4, Gamora, and Medusa.

School me on the things!


  • itsuka7itsuka7 Posts: 62 Match Maker
    Well, the most important new 4* meta char for pve is definitely 4* Juggernaut. He will speed up your clears immensely, combined with R4G, and G4mora.

    Other good 4* worth champing in my opinion are Karnak (with Chavez), Captain America Worthy (with R4G and C4rol),  Bishop in defense, Sabertooth, spiderman 2099.

    Notable new meta 5* are Beta Ray Bill and professor X. All 5* have now feeders, except for Beta Ray Bill, Carnage, Havok, Mr Sinister, Immortal Hulk and Apocalypse.
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