Do odds from one 5* store carry over into another?

Understanding that pulls are never guaranteed anyway, I'm curious what might happen when I break my hoard of 51 LL tokens when Mr Sinister enters Latest in a week or so.

I am curious because I got two tokens for the Sins of the Father store from personal and alliance progression in the event.  And they each netted me a 5*: Mr Sinister purple and Green Goblin purple.

I think that because I have gone 2-for-2 in Sins of the Father, I would have to expect to spend quite a few CP to see another 5* in this store.  Nineteen straight 4*s would not be unreasonable.  But do the odds carry over to the Latest store?  Are my first 19 tokens doomed by probability or am I starting fresh?


  • TPF AlexisTPF Alexis Posts: 3,771 Chairperson of the Boards
    I don't really feel up to going into the details right now, but the short answer is, no, you haven't affected your odds in Latest.
  • JacklagJacklag Posts: 110 Tile Toppler
    I think that would be a nightmare to program, so I doubt the devs would program the game that way.
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