Make a menu that will allow us to see shard progress on each character

Adding shards turns out to be a great thing(although it was initially hated).

But, it still has some flaws. With shards spread on so many characters i think we need an menu/option in the drop down section in the roster menu that will allow us to see shard progression on each character. It will make us easier to keep track of our shards and will also save us a lot of time if there was a menu where we can just see all characters that have at least 1 shard on them.

Here's a picture bellow of what i mean, because you know what they say: 1 picture= 1000 words.

Sorry for the bad English and misusing of the conditionals, but i think the overall message is understandable.



  • A_Wise_Man
    A_Wise_Man Posts: 153 Tile Toppler

    There isnt any need for an additional menu for this. With shards being all over the place that list would consist of almost every single character unless they happen to have hit the next level with no extra shards. Having a meter or bar on each character on the roster screen would be helpful though, sure.