Wrenn and Six: Deck construction

Well the new planeswalker is Wrenn and Six is up... Does anyone have any idea how to build a deck that takes advantage of its PW abilities?


  • Mburn7
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    I would assume the way to go is to build a Graveyard deck (Underrealm Lich will probably be great) and use cards that fetch lands (Deathspout for example).  Maybe even some land spells.  Definitely run some Cycling lands to take advantage of the exile stuff.  Run Sylvan Awakening and Multani.

    Will this deck be any good?  I dunno, probably.  Will it be competitive in Legacy?  Probably not.
    Is it worth spending money on?  Up to you.
  • Quantius
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    I made this thing that works pretty well.

    Basically it races for the 3rd ability while dumping stuff into GY and setting up the board (it's actually really fast). Then with Sarkhans Unsealing you hit A3 and put 5 nantukos on deck which also provides a 20 point damage sweep to opposing creatures and PW.

    Then a Finale of Promise brings back the gem changers and pumps you up again. Frenzy lets you keep threshold easily and Dragon's Hoard is just for drawing while Rites and Gather keep filling the GY with Nantukos.
  • Morgoth
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    Here is what I have been running in Legacy.  There are really only 3 important cards: Crucible, Field, Mirrorpool.  This is infinite zombies (reinforced to boot!) until you tell the LPS to end the loop and swing for lethal. I should probably add a haste enabler in there but am hesitant to drop lands as that lessens the impact of A3.

    Screeshot won't post, here is the list:

    1. Crucible of Worlds
    2. Primeval Titan (Golos or the Green Cavalier from M20 would also work but probably want to swap in Rupture Spire for one of the lands if using Golos)
    3. Underrealm Lich
    4. Lotus Field
    5. Deadbridge Chant
    6. Escape to the Wilds
    7. Field of the Dead
    8. Mirrorpool
    9. Mage-Ring Network
    10. Cascading Cataracts
    I was running Blood Sun for a while in the deck and while it seems synergistic to slowly kill my lands to get them in the GY I noticed I was never getting to that payoff before assembling the infinite combo.  I am not 100% I am running the best lands outside of the combo pieces, though, so any suggestions in that department would be welcome.