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    Vhailorx said:
    Honest question, can I clawback a 2 dollar purchase? That’s all I spend and it’s obviously not a lot of money, but it’s the principal. I don’t know where to go to request a refund, but they can have their HP back. 
    Usually, the app platform handles clawbacks (so app store, Google play, or steam, etc).  You would have to check the platform-specific terms to learn exactly what requirements you will have to meet.  If that process fails, you may also have some recourse via your pay service provider (e.g. a credit card company or PayPal) based on their terms & conditions.  In the US, consumer protections for credit card purchases are actually decent.  But there is a big caveat, which is that the app platforms HATE credit card clawbacks and going with this route can burn some bridges (e.g., I think that if you try this on the PlayStation store, you might win your claim and get your money back, but Sony will also terminate your PSN account), so caveat emptor. . .
    Thanks! That’s what I was afraid of
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    no spend 2020.
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    In light of the promised issuing of rewards to make us whole, I will say people can go back to spending as they want.

    (Not like I was really going to stop anyone.)

    I admit that some trust was lost on my part as a result of the whole Retro Reward fiasco.  I continue to encourage people to treat money spent in the game as money gone (like buying an expensive dinner) vs an investment, since you never know what will happen.

    But it's nice to see that the developers can rapidly respond when warranted.
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    Now that everyone's spending again, is anyone buying the Level 5 pack that popped up during the reward fiasco?

    19.99 gets you 3K hero points, 18 3* covers (9 Fist/9 Cage), 6 heroics and 32K ISO. The 3K hero points alone is better than what Logans Loonies gives you (2900 for the same 19.99). This seems like one of the best offers the do in terms of what you get compared to regular resource buys of HP.

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    A category IX ice storm kept Shardamus's initial rollout from pleasing the bulk of the forum. After much uproar, threats of no spending, and active MPQ de-ratings in the app stores, Shardamus II: The Sequel showered us with what we were owed (an arguable point, but that's not where this spiel is going).

    A real, tangential impact of Shardamus is a reduction in resources due to shards Mighty Tokens replacing HP, CP, and iso slots. As it is, we're grasping at the dribs and drabs of HP, iso, CP, and various tokens to advance in the game without spending any/too much money. By reducing resource rewards, it appears that D3 is hoping to increase HP, iso(?), shards, and store sales. Money grabs unendear me.

    Although I was F2P for a few years, I finally decided to give D3 some money both as a thank-you for the hours of entertainment they've provided and also to get my roster where I wanted it for the long term (bought a Stark during a sale). I've also been a VIP for a number of months now; however, when it expires today, I'll not be renewing it. Instead, I will purchase the $1.99 Bugle Pittance in a couple of days so that I can keep my bonus rewards flowing and because, overall, I'm still enjoying MPQ life.

    Though I'm taking a soft stand this Nospendember, it adds up -- if I remain on this course over the year, then I'll have spent about $100 less. I don't fault D3 for monetizing game resources (we can now effectively buy the "you can't buy" 5* covers via HP, which itself has a real-life currency exchange rate), but it's an issue and a game-breaker when the monetization is forced upon us through resource removals/reductions.

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