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    I've got a relatively young roster, but have all 4*, 11 of those champed, and another 20 simply waiting on enough iso8 to champ, and I have 10 5* at lvl 300 or higher.  And I compete regularly in all events except lightning PvP.  Love to join as soon as you would have me. Thanks
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    We are currently looking to fill 4 spots for the current season. Our core group is still playing their way into T250 finishes, and we completed the most recent Boss Battle event, X-Men vs. Apocalypse, with just hours to spare & only 17 members.

    Review our member expectations in the opening post of this thread; if we sound like a good fit for you, come find our alliance in-game. Remember to check the box for private alliances when you search for DontTouchLola.
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    We still have 3 spots open, and Battle at the Basilica starts tomorrow.
  • RobDMindRobDMind Posts: 24 Just Dropped In
    Below is a brief recap of the past month of play by our great alliance. Note that the results listed are from a group of no more than 17 wonderful, dedicated members; picture how your play could have further enhanced these results if you were with us.

    Power Stone Season:
         (Event - Team Score; Team Ranking)
         CoverSquirrel - 8,311; 126th of 9,175
         Trial by Fire - 6,183; 175th of 9,345
         Avenging Angel - 7,243; 141st of 8,793
         Hotshot - 8,672; 124th of 9,046
         Doctor's Orders - 7,191; 137th of 8,781
         Fatal Attraction - 7,443; 132nd of 9,029
         Trial by Combat - 9,080; 112th of 9,019
         Most Wanted - 7,270; 137th of 9,227
         Assassin for Hire - 7,631; 127th of 8,614
         Perfect Storm - 7,530; 140th of 9,278
      Season Finish - 94,184; 134th of 13,535

    Story Events:
         Simulator - 541,728; 210th of 13,785
         Enemy of the State - 1,798,410; 183rd of 15,083
         The Hunt - 752,485; 169th of 13,432
         Meet Rocket & Groot - 757,515; 193rd of 14,171
         Infinite Pursuit - 852,379; 183rd of 14,380

    Boss Battle Event:
         Battle at the Basilica - 17,332,041; 334th of 14,569
    [Note: Event was completed with at least 15.5 hours remaining. Also, 15 members reached personal top progression of 900,000.]

    We would still like to round out our crew with a few great players for the upcoming Anniversary Season. Look us up under private alliances in-game & apply if you're interested.
  • ZombionicdoomZombionicdoom Posts: 98 Match Maker
    Hey guys, I’m seriously considering leaving my own alliance (that I started!) and joining up if you’ll have me.

    I’m a 4* player, looking to hit 5* in the not too distant future, I fit your criteria and always hit full progression in alliance events. I aim to get 575 points in PvP (but don’t always make it) and I always aim for full progression in pvE but again I sometimes find this difficult to manage what with life and all that, however I always make 4* progression. 
  • RobDMindRobDMind Posts: 24 Just Dropped In
    We have recently filled the three advertised openings (with Zombionicdoom happily being among the players filling the slots). We may have an opening following the conclusion of either Galactus Hungers or the short Anniversary Season; watch this space.
  • RobDMindRobDMind Posts: 24 Just Dropped In
    edited December 2019
    We are looking to fill 4 slots before the Civil War event starts this week. I have not yet asked the rest of the squad whether they are interested in trying to complete both sides; my focus for the event would lean toward completing Team Iron Man at the minimum.

    I am not certain if the new Versus Season will begin this week or the following week. Ideally we would love any applicants to come for the Boss Battle event & stay for the Versus Season.
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