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So a rumour has surfaced recently that the Android version of the game is much worse than the iPhone version. Is this true? Is anyone in a position to post video footage of both games we can compare to corroborate or dismiss this rumour?

As an Android player who struggles a lot with lag, I'm starting to think I'm getting short shrift, and I'm also starting to think that when other players on the forum dismiss my concerns of lag, maybe it's because they're playing on iPhone and genuinely don't know the problems I'm struggling with?


  • AvahadAvahad Posts: 246 Tile Toppler
    Whilst I can’t put videos up to show the differences (I’m too old to work out all that stuff) I can quite catagorically state that iPhone loading times in my experience are far far faster than android. 
    I have accounts on both types of device and my android f2p for **** and giggles account logs on twice a day for free boosters and very occasionally does short events. 
    In the tine it takes to open said booster on the android my iPhone account has opened booster- claimed daily log in- collected rewards/cleared finished events- checked the vault and started a match.....
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    I've used an Android for the entirety of the game, and I've never had the degree of freezing/crash issues that others have.  In fact, the "back button method" has saved me from a number of UI-induced freezes that iUsers would have suffered.

    I can also say that my Galaxy S8+ isn't that laggy in-game. Certainly in some instances, but no more or less than the other games I play on it.  It does take forever to load the game at times, and seems to occasionally drop connection when loading. Going into the PW menu/deck lists does take awhile to load (and I always start scrolling before the pictures load and wind up clicking on Chandra or Arlinn or someone, which then frustrates me). 

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    I have a rather cheap Android phone and even though loading times are quite long sometimes, I have almost zero lags/freezes. When I read my chats where people complain about yet another freeze I'm kinda surprised at the intensity while having a pretty smooth experience myself. I happen to have SWW if I end an encounter at a recharge time, but couple clicks make it go away.
    So, I can't compare with what iPhone users have, but I'm rather content with the game performance on my phone.
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    Performance in our game may potentially vary depending on the age, the model, and even the OS version of the phone. This is why as more content gets added into the game, we do recommend players continue to monitor whether their device has sufficient performance capabilities.

    However, we also recognize that performance optimization is an important factor in development, not only because not everyone can just up and buy the latest, new phone, but also because smoother game play means a better player experience in general.

    Sometimes the process is quick and easy, and other times not so much, but rest assured that our team is constantly evaluating how and where we can improve the game to facilitate better performance on as many devices as possible.
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    starfall said:
    Brigby said:
    rest assured

    Ding!  Lack of trust
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    I will say, I've had more bugs and freezes since Eldraine release than ever before. I don't know if any of it's related to Android, but it's infuriating. The latest was playing AWR, literally the same deck I've used since the iteration of the event, but this time, killing a reinforced Squee froze the game. 

    Maybe it's Android, maybe it's Oktagon. I don't know, but I honestly don't know how people who have this problem constantly have remained playing the game. 
  • QuantiusQuantius Posts: 226 Tile Toppler
    Android is more fragmented since it supports a much larger pool of devices running on various versions of Android. I don't know how much that might play into it, but it's been an issue for Android devs for a while now. So it's not so much that the "Android versions is worse", but more that it has to support a lot of different Android flavors which just makes it harder to produce a single solution for all problems faced by all Android devices.
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