Ready for 5* land?

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Long-time lurker; first-time poster...
I've been playing 1500+ days (yup, that's over 4 years!), and feel I've reached a crossroads.
I got most of the 4*'s champed - only 15 are not, including Limited and new toons.
Most of the 5*'s have more than 1 cover, as well. Roster available to view at 

I'm wondering if I could/should level up any of my 5's, and if so (of course), which ones?
I have some ISO-8 available, but want to spend it wisely. The only 5 I've really invested in so far is Storm.


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    Do you play PVE, PVP, or both?  If it's mostly PVE, then there is zero downside from leveling up.  PVP on the other hand takes into account your roster strength (including boosted characters).  I'd be glad to offer my two cents (and so would other ppl on the forum, we're mostly friendly... well, the uproar over the reward changes notwithstanding) after you give a little feedback on which game modes you're playing, and how you play them (ie, progression vs placement, pve vs pvp, etc...)
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    I haven't been a hardcore PVP player so far, and not sure I want to, but I was trying to not ruin the matchmaking for myself by leveling the wrong toons...
    For PVE, I usually play on SCL8, and the alliance I'm in does pretty well in group events.
    I definitely shoot for progression (4+ clears), rather than placement, as I rarely have time to play the timers optimally...
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    In that case, keep in mind your scaling in pvp is based on your top 3 characters (including boosted).  As far as pve goes, Thanos is good at clearing the low levels fast, but if you can get Juggernaut up and running, he makes Thanos obsolete.  Truthfully, your 5* are only going to function as tanks, yes they have high match damage, but their powers don't do much damage until later.  The only caveat to that is Kitty and JJ.  

    Now if you're just playing for fun, Hela, Cable, Prof X, and Doc Doom are pretty fun. 

    I'm not sure if I answered your question or not.  Just ask away if I missed the point.  One thing to keep in mind, once you raise another 5* up, there's no turning back your pvp experience.   
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    Well, none of them are Champable, so you're not ready for full-on 5* land, but you could def put some ISO into some of those without regrets. Even with two covers in yellow, Kitty can start getting fairly impressive, JJ is a good all-rounder, and Hela can be a lot of fun.
    The general guideline is to not level them any higher than your Boosted 4* (usually somewhere around 360 or so), and do it gradually, checking to see if you start hitting significantly harder teams in PvP after each bump. If you get past that, you're going to start being more visible to Players with actual 5* champs, and that's not fun. You don't want to champ a 5* unless you have at least one of the really good ones (Kitty, Okoye), or a couple of the solid ones (basically anyone who isn't Banner, Wasp, or Kingpin). Single 5* MMR is really unfriendly right now unless it's Okoye or Kitty.
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    Awesome, thanks guys!
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    If you level your 5* to Storm's level I would think you would be OK as you have a pretty deep 4* roster which means somebody should be boosted for you most weeks. SHIELD Sim might get a little rougher as none of your 5* really have that much "firepower" in terms of lots of covers so you'll probably find that your 4* still do the heavy lifting. My most covered 5* are parked at between 290-360 and my MMR isn't too taxing generally.
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    Simulator is where it really gets punishing for sure - keep in mind that once you level up into the 360-70 range and have a single champ, you'll start getting people with 4*s up in that same range paired with their single or dual champed 5s. That will invariably mean that you're seeing Champion Kitty/370 Rocket, Champ Hawkeye/similarly high leveled WCap, or people with highly champed Bishop and Jessica Jones. If you aren't equipped to handle those teams, expect to be playing Sim for wins moving forward.