EuskalAvengers - an opening has appeared!

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EuskalAvengers has been around since Alliances were first made, and some of its Commanders (myself, for one) have been around well before that as well.

Its normally a full alliance, but we have ONE slot open right NOW!

We ask very little...
   1). Please participate in all boss/alliance events.  Even if you can only provide help for a few rounds, just putting in effort goes to show you're in it to win.  We clear all boss events, and not all of us are capable.  We all pull our own weight.
  2). Log on and play once every few days at least (with boss/alliance events needing a bit more effort).
  3). No negativity towards any alliance member.  Any ill speak towards another member in the game chat isnt tolerated.
  4). If you cant log on and play normally for a while, give us a heads up.  Log on just to say 'hey im going on vacation' or whatever.  Or log on to these forums and PM me... Or something similar.  Let us know.  We are very understanding when it comes to special events and occasions.

Thats about it.  We dont care if you go top 10 in anything, full progression, SCL whatever...  Just put in effort often.  Show that you're doing something and working towards a goal.

We've had freeloaders, and we've had frequently absent people, and even abusive language.  None of that belongs.

We're EuskalAvengers -- and we just might be one of the oldest casual alliances around, that take our casual play seriously.  ;)

And we have ONE spot open.


  • PiMacleodPiMacleod Posts: 914 Critical Contributor
    And the slot has been filled.  I'll post again when another opens.
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