Jean Grey doesn't rise from the ashes

I just used 5* Jean Grey 3/0/1, 5* Bruce Banner 0/3/2 and 3* Thanos 5/3/5 on the Takes a Lickin node in The Hunt. I downed the Tower Guard, and was about to down Venom. I collected 9+ green AP, so Banner would create a transform countdown on my next turn. The AI downed Jean Grey. Her red countdown appeared. My turn starts, Banner creates his countdown which causes a cascade that matches Jean Grey's countdown. Jean Grey did not rise from the ashes.


  • KojubatKojubat Posts: 142 Tile Toppler
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    That's not a fun experience, but that's working as designed. "Start of turn" powers happen before countdowns start ticking down. 

    Many of the older 5* characters don't have any built-in protection for their situational powers. If either side matches or destroys Phoenix's countdown, nothing happens - she stays down. So when Banner's passive "accidentally" matched it away, there was nothing to count down on the board to revive her when it came to that point of the turn order.

    (Seems in-character for both Banner and Hulk, though.)
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