15-star Spider-Man

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***************Spider-Man (Universe 616)***************

15-Star Rarity (Ultradomagniferous)
Heroes, Avengers, Guardians of the Galaxy, X-Men, Cabal, A-Force (honorary)
purpletilepng bluetilepng   (Abilities listed at level 2250, 6 covers
1,205,840 Health
purpletilepng 3999 |  3548 | bluetilepng 3147 |  1980 | greentilepng 393 | blacktilepng 364 | yellowtilepng 334 |  5.975x

Just your FNSM - 4 purpletilepng AP
Spidey out-maneuvers his opponent to land a well-aimed blow. Deals 97021 damage and converts all purple tiles into Critical tiles.

(PASSIVE) Whenever an enemy makes a Yellow match, stun the enemy team for 3 turns.

Swing and Fling - 8  AP
Spider-Man dangles his opponent from a strong thread and kicks them away. Deals 465207 damage to the target and sends them Airborne for 1 turn.

(PASSIVE) Whenever an enemy returns from Airborne, Spider-Man deals 310139 damage to them; Then, if you have at least 4 Red AP, drains 4 of it to send that enemy Airborne for 1 turn.

Stick Around! - 5 bluetilepng AP
Spider-Man shoots sticky webs at his opponent, hindering them somewhat. Stun the target for 5 turns, ignoring Morale tiles, and convert up to 12 non-friendly Basic, Strike, Attack, Protect, Invisibility, Countdown, Repeater, Count-up, Register, Cosmic, or Soul tiles into Web tiles. 

(PASSIVE) When a Web tile is matched, stun a random enemy for 2 turns, ignoring Morale tiles and immunity, and create a Fortified Protect tile of Strength 210100.


  • KolenceKolence Posts: 727 Critical Contributor
    Idk... That blue passive sounds a bit flimsy. Only fortified protect tile? Should be at least fortified and cloaked, I think?
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