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After kick starting the MCU and saving the universe multiple times, its about time we pay homage to Earth’s best defender, the man best prepared for anything the world, or even the universe, can throw at him.. Tony Stark!

The basic idea is that he plays a little bit like Banner should, if he was any good, but with a dash of ideas from Professor X, Taskmaster, Hawkeye, Green Goblin and a bunch of other characters who might provide an inspiration for Tony’s ideas. I haven't got any idea of things like ap costs or damage amounts, etc. Just the skeleton of an idea

Tony Stark - Low Health

Red (Passive) - Genius, Billionaire...
Playboy, Philanthropist. Tony has seemingly endless funds at his disposal, and can make any dream come true at the click of his fingers, sometimes without caring why. At the start of every turn, turn 6 random tiles into 1 random colour.

Blue (Cheap Active) - Wristwatch Repulsor
Caught off-guard and without a suit, Tony still has a few tricks up his sleeve, and delivers a small concussive blast. Deals a small amount of damage and stuns the enemy for up to 2 turns

Yellow (6 ap) - Suit Up
Tony has a full compliment of suits available, making him adaptable to whatever the situation calls for. Pick a colour, and Tony will don a chosen suit. Each suit gives a new power set. After a suit is destroyed, change back into Tony Stark (like Banner), and that suit is unavailable for the rest of the battle (similar to Goblin’s glider).

Suits - 

Black - Stealth Suit - Low Health

Purple - Invisibility + Surprise Attack (think Miles Morales)
Black - Targeted tile destruction (something along the lines of quake or vulture’s blue maybe)
Yellow - Suit Up (carries onto every suit to enable switching)

Red - Hulkbuster - High Health

Red - Repulsor Punch
Black - Overdrive (I’ll be honest, this one is just a carbon copy of the 4* hulkbuster, but with higher damage numbers

Yellow - Nanotech (Mk L) - Medium Health

Blue - Energy Blast (that thing with the power boosters he uses at the start of infinity war) high damage
Green - Adaptive Technology - this suit can create whatever Tony needs, from a Shield to an energy sword - create a mixture of strike and protect tiles

Green - Mk 3 - Medium Health - Tony takes one of the classics out for a spin

Green - Jericho Missile Tech - AOE and board shake
Black - Advanced targeting systems - deal damage and create 5 random critical tiles (like MEH Hulk)

Blue - Suitcase Armor/Mk V - Low Health - this emergency suit lacks the firepower of the others, but is far from useless

Blue - Emergency suit - (passive) Retaliation damage like Dr. Strange or bishop
Red - Unibeam - Cheap burst of a low amount of damage

Purple - Gemini/Starboost - High Health

Purple - Airborne AP gen + low damage on return (like vulture and im40 but with a kick at the end)
Blue - Concussive Cannon - Stun and AOE damage

For anyone who sees this, please let me know what you think, as i would be interested to know, and am open to any critiquing you may have. It is obviously a little under planned, but as a general idea, he would play as a bit of a jack of all trades, and hopefully master of a few.


  • MrEd95MrEd95 Posts: 231 Tile Toppler
    Whole character design is a brilliant idea 👏👏👏
    Thanks! I put a fair amount of effort in to try and make every suit feel and play differently, and also to make each one usable as an idea in their own right.

    each element and idea is using something that has already been done before, whether it works well, like cloak and dagger’s switching, or not, like banner. Thanks for your input!
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