The Breaking of Switcheroo!

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Since first seeing the card Switcheroo I've been wanting to find a way to break it in Standard with my current collection of cards and this is what I've come up with.

1. I knew that if I ran multiple creatures the ideal target would need Defender,  Reach, or Vigilance to ensure it was in slot one before switching with my opponent's creature.

2. I would need to remove the creature I gave my opponent in some way so I could do a second Switcheroo. 

3. The creature I would be giving to my opponent would have to have minimal downside for me when my opponent controlled it.

While looking through my cards in blue and colorless I saw the awful Nivix Barrier from Origins (a 1/4 blue creature with Defender and Can't Attack) and I knew it would be perfect for my deck idea.

Using Jace1 because he is my only blue aligned Planeswalker right now. This is my current deck list.

Creatures: (1)
Nivix Barrier 

Spells: (5)
Flood of Recognition 
Perilous Voyage
Depths of Desire

Supports: (4)
Sphinx's Tutelage 
In Bolas' Clutches
Sorcerer's Wand
Shivan Reef*

*I don't have Memorial to Genius yet or it would be in as the gem converter.

The basic idea is to disable a Barrier, Switcheroo, and either of the bounce spells until I can cast them all at once. Of course it's got to be Barrier then Switcheroo then the bounce spell. Voyage is better if I have Tutelage since it will trigger a draw. 

This deck is still a work in progress but the core of Nivix Barrier and Switcheroo are going to remain.

//Removed Profanity -Brigby


  • SinisterOneSinisterOne Posts: 47 Just Dropped In
    After some testing in TG I made a few tweaks to the deck.

    I first replaced Divination with Sift for a better way to fetch out the cards needed, however, it proved to be less than stellar since often I'm holding three or four disabled cards once I get them. For the first few turns its a great card but once my hand is full it tends to stay full. 

    I then cut Sift and tried Yavimaya Coast as additional converter but while it was helpful I believe Gilded Lotus or Zhalfirin Void would be better choices. I'm going to test the Void first.

    Depths of Desire was solid card and helped greatly but I'm going to test out Blink of an Eye which could help with bounce and potentially provide a draw to grab the central cards and with Tutelage out slow the opponent down slightly.

    I've also found that the best of Jace1 abilities to utilize in this deck is his second because it combined with Flood of Recognition my spells can keep being reused.
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    I ran across your post a few days back and thought it would be neat. Now I'm not sure just when I got Switcheroo (I think it must have been recent). Sometime back I got a Riddleform (Support:Cost 7, 2 shields. When you cast a Spell or Support, you summon 1 1/1sphinx token with flying & haste that is destroyed at the end of turn) from a pack and thought it might be interesting to see if I could get that to work with Switcheroo.

    So here is where things get complicated. How to get my little sphinx token into slot 1 .... assuming I have performed a switcheroo already .... only card I have is Deep Freeze.

    Needless to say I have not gotten that combo to work just yet but I did pull off a switcheroo with my little sphinx token in Story Mode and just as I hoped the little sphinx token went poof at the end of the AI's turn leaving it completely creature-less.

    Just thought I'd share my thought with you.

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    The AI doesn't know what to do if you switch one of their creatures with Nullhide Ferox ;)
  • StormcrowStormcrow Posts: 354 Mover and Shaker
    Only thing I've really done with Switcheroo is to pair it up with Mirror Image. Play Mirror Image to get a copy of their creature in your hand, then Switcheroo so you get their creature on the board and they get your now-useless 1/1.
  • ZaphodZaphod Posts: 13 Just Dropped In
    Fun idea!  I am adding Welcome to the Fold and In Bolas's Clutches just to really steal creatures.

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