Speed up the mana bonus notification/"pop-up" please?

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@LakeStone / @Brigby

Playing with Karn on the Trial and yeah, when I draw a colorless card and have to wait 10 seconds just to get the "+1..." "+1..." "+1..." "+1..." "+1...".... you get the idea.

The main problem is I can't move cards or do anything else until it's done. :(

Any way to speed it up or, even, turn it off? Might be good for new players, but veterans already know what bonuses they're getting.

(And yes, I know this should probably be in suggestions, sorry, but General gets more attention, usually, so... )


  • StormcrowStormcrow Posts: 394 Mover and Shaker
    Maybe it was intended as a backdoor way of nerfing Karn. ;)
  • AzerackAzerack Posts: 499 Mover and Shaker
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    Stormcrow said:
    Maybe it was intended as a backdoor way of nerfing Karn. ;)
    In the words of an old Honeymooner.., "Oh, Harrrr dee har harrr..." ;) 
  • DologanDologan Posts: 145 Tile Toppler
    Oh, for heaven's sake, please, please, PLEASE remove/speed this up. Gilded Lotus is also such a pain to play now.
  • StormcrowStormcrow Posts: 394 Mover and Shaker
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    What they really need to do - with this and every other "buff to multiple things from the same source" - is figure out a way to combine animations so they happen simultaneously. Show me the classic MtG pentagram of five colored dots, with a +1 in the middle, instead of showing me 5 +1s one by one. Show me three trails going to three creatures giving each of them +whatever all at the same time, instead of buffing each creature one by one. And so on.
  • wereotterwereotter Posts: 2,064 Chairperson of the Boards
    I literally thought my game had locked up when I played a Gilded Lotus.

    I gotta say I don't think this is an animation we actually needed. It's too small, and it's over the top of the planeswalker image making it even harder to see.
  • ssenillisssenillis Posts: 14 Just Dropped In
    I made the mistake of using Karn for the new Inferno event before I knew this was a thing.  Why did they even implement it?  I can't remember seeing a single thread where people asked for another redundant animation that makes you think the game is locking up because it's so small you can barely see it 
  • VolrakVolrak Posts: 681 Critical Contributor
    The idea of preferring visible state changes to hidden ones is kind of ubiquitous in game design and UI design in general.  It's not the first time Oktagon have made such a change. 

    Established players know to slide open the PW tab to check the current mana bonuses, but it's the kind of thing newer players could completely miss without a visual prompt.  So I'm on board with the idea.  The visual prompt they've chosen though is both somewhat subtle and rather slow, especially when multiple mana bonuses change at once.  So I think the implementation could be improved.
  • mrixl2520mrixl2520 Posts: 240 Tile Toppler
    I like to use Rashidan Port to kill my opponent with old age
  • AeroplaneAeroplane Posts: 314 Mover and Shaker
    Another useless animation to bog down an already slow and clunky game. Hmmm , who comes up with these decisions.
  • TremayneTremayne Posts: 1,177 Chairperson of the Boards
    mrixl2520 said:
    I like to use Rashidan Port to kill my opponent with old age
    That is just cruel! 😂
  • madwrenmadwren Posts: 2,054 Chairperson of the Boards
    bken1234 said:
    For the love of God, just undo this. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve thought I had a freeze just to look in the corner and see tiny mana orbs with their +1’s. 

    Same here, I always have that momentary "tinykitty, the game froze" moment and it drives me crazy. Not a fan of this addition. As always, one step forward, three steps back.

  • AzerackAzerack Posts: 499 Mover and Shaker
    @Brigby , @LakeStone -  I'm "bookending" my post with another call out to you two. As you can see, I'm not the only one not in favor of this particular new "trick". 

    Can you please find a way to add in the options to turn it off or just allow other things to go on as it's counting up, please? 

    Or remove it, entirely, that's always an easy option. ;)
  • TherosTheros Posts: 490 Mover and Shaker
    This change add more to the pain.
    I wasn't aware of how bad the change until I used my Niv bonus increase deck.
    This is an excellent game don't get me wrong. It is just painful to play to slowness. The game can be grindy as heck but there is no reason for the gameplay to be that slow.
    I just don't have that patience anymore. Reason why I avoid:
    -H2 to 1st ability being to slow. Is it necessary to have an animation for each token
    -Jace 2 and Chandra 2 Ults. Jace 2 is the considering that both players draw cards. Koth and probably some more.
    -Path of discovery. Nice support but the animation make the gameplay too slow.
    -Tokens slide show. How fun is that?

    I had to give up playing a N4 with tokens / path of discovery. being on the receiving end is sad. I have noticed some spells getting a while to resolve too.

    They should take the opportunity to speed up the animations in general, not just the newly introduced animation.

  • bken1234bken1234 GLOBAL_MODERATORS Posts: 2,833 Chairperson of the Boards
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    Theros said:

    I wasn't aware of how bad the change until I used my Niv bonus increase deck.

    I shuddered. 

    I’m so sorry you had to endure that. For me it was Gilded Lotus. I will never be the same. 
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