****Captain America (Endgame)****

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Captain America (Endgame)

No spoilers.

This 4-star Steve Rogers would punch above his rarity tier, mixing it up with 5-star teams rather effectively due to his powerful passives and other abilities. He fights to the last, throwing and retrieving his shield to deal damage over time. Phoenix might be his best bud.

I'd be glad to hear what you think in the comments. 

4-Star Rarity (Legendary)
Heroes, Avengers
yellowtilepng bluetilepng   
(Abilities listed at level 270, Power Level 5
15,642 Health
yellowtilepng 85 |  74 | bluetilepng  65 |  43 | purpletilepng 13 | blacktilepng 12 | greentilepng 11 |  4.9x

I Can Do This All Day -  yellowtilepng PASSIVE
Captain America refuses to yield, inspiring his allies to keep fighting in the face of impossible odds. When Captain America is Downed and at least one of his allies is still standing, he revives with 50% of his health.
  • Level 2: When Cap revives, create 1 Blue Strike tile and 1 Yellow Protect tile of Strength 118. If his allies are below 50% health, create tiles of Strength 295 instead.
  • Level 3: ...create tiles of Strength 152, or 380 instead.
  • Level 4: ...create tiles of Strength 237, or 590 instead.
  • Level 5: ...create Fortified tiles of Strength 261, or 649 instead.
Shield Toss -   AP
Captain America throws (his shield) into a group of foes, ricocheting with deadly accuracy. Deals 441 damage to the enemy team and creates a 1-turn Repeater tile.

While this tile is on the board, this power becomes Shield Ricochet.

Shield Ricochet 
At the start of your turn, Captain America's Repeater tile deals 441 damage to a random enemy and generates 1 Red AP. If your team has 8 or more Red AP, remove this tile.

(PASSIVE) Captain America's base match damage is increased by 60% for each of his Avenger allies, and an additional 60% for each Downed ally. 

When Captain America's Repeater tile no longer exists, this power becomes Shield Toss.
  • Level 2: ...deals 734 damage...
  • Level 3: ...deals 1290 damage...
  • Level 4: ...generates 2 Red AP. ...match damage is increased by 100%...
  • Level 5: ...deals 2362 damage...
Assemble! - 10 bluetilepng AP
Cap leads the charge, turning the tide in a dire situation. Drains both teams' Team-Up AP. For each character still in the fight, creates 1 corresponding friendly or enemy Attack tile of base Strength 130; friendly tiles gain an additional 14 Strength for each AP drained.

(Passive) At the start of your turn, if the enemy has more Strike, Attack and/or Protect tiles than you, convert the strongest of those tiles into a Critical tile. 
  • Level 2: ...creates tiles of base Strength 167...additional 17 per AP drained.
  • Level 3: ...creates tiles of base Strength 261...additional 24 per AP drained.
  • Level 4: ...creates tiles of base Strength 261...additional 34 per AP drained.
  • Level 5: ...creates tiles of base Strength 390...additional 41 per AP drained.


  • ErikPeterErikPeter Posts: 718 Critical Contributor
    Thanks to yellow, he'll always be the last man standing, making him a good partner for characters you normally leave until the end like OML and Phoenix. If the enemy forgets or downs him with AoE he'll put out a couple decent special tiles.

    Once he collects some red he will dish out continuous moderate damage unless the enemy can match away his ricochet tile. I like the idea of the tile relocating for thematic reasons, but went with the cleaner text.

    Blue is an anti-special support power but the activation could deal some heavy damage over time if pulled out late in a fight. Early on it's not worth the AP since it creates tiles for both teams, but if both teams have built up some TU the friendly tiles become very potent; if the enemy matches yours away, Cap will convert theirs into criticals.

    I think all three powers would be really fun. Taking the lead to get knocked down and back up again, gathering red to roll your opponents with shield ricochets, and turning enemy specials into crits.

    On the flipside, Cap as an AI opponent introduces a variety of considerations to what powers you use and when; he might not be the primary target, but he does change how you approach each battle, with interesting variation based on team composition.

    One concern I have with the build is that the revive needs to be delayed in some way to give AI opponents a chance to damage his allies--otherwise you could set him up to tank every color and never lose against the AI. I.e., it should stun him, and/or happen at the end of the turn, or maybe it could be disabled for a short period. Something like this: "...drains up to 5 friendly Yellow AP and revives with 50% of his health. While your team has 0 yellow AP, this power is disabled." I like the idea of that limitation, except it doesn't prevent a first-turn KO; any option that completely disables his revive might break the whole spec. Instead, what if he loses a rank in one power (for the rest of the battle) each time he revives? 
  • Sabaton74Sabaton74 Posts: 38 Just Dropped In
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    Now that cap is out it's interesting to consider the differences here. Enjoying the community input dev output :D 

    I thumbs up that assemble power. Convert to basic all shield/strike/attack tiles then regeneration to the team layout would have made him more of a game changer. Feels like moving the battle field away from bystanders. 
    Cap: "we've got to get these villains away from town square" points his allys in redirections

    After his release peeps say hes squishy support... but we'll see how all that extra ap moves things around(Chavez, black cat.. you ready?) I wonder if worthy cant run with thor hehe continuity question.

    EDIT here come the black bolt/4*cap teams :o
  • ErikPeterErikPeter Posts: 718 Critical Contributor
    I suppose now I can say I only called it "Shield Ricochet" to avoid spoilers, unsurprisingly I intended for it to be Cap wielding Mjollnir.

    Worthy Cap is pretty good, but I'm not a huge fan of the support 4 meta forcing you to bring a 4 of your own (to get under the damage threshold). At least WC can't stun-lock and wipe a 5-star team by himself like Bishop. (tinykitty that guy.)  I don't champ new 4s fast enough to use them, but I see them all the time in PvP and it's awful.

    WC+5 Hawkeye+anyone with strong red (JJ is great, Hela would be better if she left green open for Cap to tank) is pretty OP. 4 CDs triggering (off of 5 star match damage) generating 12 blue/red on turn 2 is a pretty quick recipe. He's a less frustrating alternative to Bishop, and pairs well with a few characters who could use a boost (Coulson, Lockjaw?) and may create a little more variety in the 270+ tier and maybe even the 450+ (like Hawkeye+JJ as mentioned above).

    I wish they'd had the same goal as I did in doing something to reduce Okoye's domination. Even just one TU match is enough for her to push per-turn or per-match damage abilities into dangerous territory. Which just makes WC's increased multiple hits (6? really?) an even more annoying direction to take the meta in. Maybe they're planning on adding some really fat Protect tiles in CL10. :shrug:
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