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Add search option or preset teams

KletvarKletvar Posts: 56 Match Maker
"All right, all right, all right."  It's that time of the month when the alliance event pops up, And you know what else pops up ? The frustrations.
One of the most frustrating things in the game is not the infamous Gritty duo that everyone is whining about. It's the lack of options to go through the roster.

So, i'm asking the devs: Why don't you please your whole community with adding one simple feature like searching ? It's not even hard to be done ( coded ). It's really really simple thing to do.

Or, if you don't want to give us the search option, at least let us have few slots for saving teams ( duos or trios ). I'm gonna explain this.
You give us few team-saving-slots which we use to save our favorite teams, so we don't have to go through our whole roster just to find 2 other characters that we need to team-up with the already selected character. 
You are wondering why i mentioned alliance events ? Well, for boss fights i use Scarlet Witch, Black widow 3* and Prof X 4*. My Prof X. is lvl 110, while 70% of my roster is above lvl 110. And because the smaller nodes require other characters, i change the trio i mentioned above and make another trio ( the required character, Dr. Strange and Am. Chavez ). And after each minor fight i have to go through 70% of my roster to find Prof X, because that's the only way i can beat the boss. And it's snip-snap, snip-snap, snip-snap for 2 days in a row.
Going through the roster takes more time than actually fighting the boss. And that's frustrating. Really frustrating.
So, please let us make favorite/preset teams. Give us 5 or 10 slots to save our favorite teams. You don't have to make it cloud save ( it will take great amount of memory space, when all players use their slots for favorite teams ). Make it local save, so it can take memory space from our devices ( few more Megabytes on our devices won't even be a big problem).

To be honest, I don't expect any of this to be done, because obviously you don't care what the players want, but i guess that making few requests won't hurt anybody.

Have a nice day.


  • supergarvsupergarv Posts: 179 Tile Toppler
    Banging the same drum for years. This should be soooo easy to implement. But new 4* chars every other week are more important sadly.

    I am still hoping for it, so every raised voice counts.
  • PhumadePhumade Posts: 1,911 Chairperson of the Boards
    I honestly don’t know why they don’t do saved teams or selectable tiers.  Presumably its because of legacy engine applications issues.  But with the new  update, you would expect this to be high on the priority list.  In fact, I would have said this (saved teams, selectable search, UI improvements ) should have been the killer feature that anchored the engine update.

    Things take time.  I get it.  But the devs are quickly running out of excuses.  
  • dkffivdkffiv Posts: 1,018 Chairperson of the Boards
    Are you saying that you dont like memorizing the levels of your most frequently used characters?  (I'm up to 367 rostered chars and scrolling takes forever, especially sending level 1 MBW TUs)
  • KletvarKletvar Posts: 56 Match Maker
    supergarv said:
    Banging the same drum for years. This should be soooo easy to implement. But new 4* chars every other week are more important sadly.

    I am still hoping for it, so every raised voice counts.
    Well, sadly, new 4*s make them money, not new features. And yes, it's soooo easy to be implemented. Especially the search option.
  • JackTenrecJackTenrec Posts: 799 Critical Contributor
    While I'd rather have some options for locating characters, I think I could even live without search or presets except that the boosted list keeps shuffling the order that I know my characters are in.
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