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Extra attack tiles and tiles being fortified when they shouldn't

Nightglider1Nightglider1 Posts: 605 Critical Contributor
I was playing today's (08/20/2019) Behemoth Burrito. My team was Medusa, Patch, and 2* Bullseye. Opposition was 4* Wolverine, 3* Thor, and 2* Hawkeye.

Medusa's countdown tile created too many attack tiles. I understand this is a known issue.

However, there were also instances where my attack and countdown tiles occasionally became fortified. I don't believe that any of these characters have been altered to provide this ability

Anyone else seeing this behavior?


  • Nightglider1Nightglider1 Posts: 605 Critical Contributor
    I don’t think they do, but I’ll check. I so rarely use supports that I didn’t think to look into this. 
  • Nightglider1Nightglider1 Posts: 605 Critical Contributor
    Good call! Turns out I have Shuri’s lab attached to Patch. 

    Nothing to see here. 
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