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For some reason today the app wouldn't let me connect to my Google account. I uninstalled then reinstalled and everything was gone. It finally allowed me to reconnect to my Google account and all of my progress is still gone. I don't understand because I backed up my account to it. If everything I did for a year and a half is gone I want my money back this is ridiculous. Please help.


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    Don't worry. Your game data is safe. Just email Customer Service using the address below. To get your account back in the shortest time, please have the following information ready:
    - Lost account's Agent Name
    - New account's Agent Name (You have to proceed through the tutorial and attempt to join any PVE or PVP mission before you are prompted to create an Agent Name on the new account)
    - If you have any purchases on your lost account, have a screenshot of one of your receipts ready. This is needed to confirm ownership. The receipt needs to show the order #, date, price and item description. 

    [email protected]
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