Magneto ☆☆☆☆☆

FelizFeliz Posts: 174 Tile Toppler
Please give magneto the place he deserves in the 5* realm! At his height he could play with thd earth's magnetic fields!


  • GENxSLADEGENxSLADE Posts: 18 Just Dropped In
    As a Magneto fan outside the game, I cannot agree more. I'm honestly surprised they haven't done it already considering he's been in the game for soooo long.
  • MrSevensDBCMrSevensDBC Posts: 1 Just Dropped In
    Yes couldnt agree more. And this would be the perfect timing a while back we got Proffesor X 5 *. Now we got onslaught 5*. Yes rather saw magneto 5* first but still Magneto is one of the biggist villains in the marvel universe. He needs to get what he deserves. If they had put in magneto first they could have done an event with Magneto and Proffesor X and then intruduced Onslaught trough that. A missed opportunity in my opinion. So D3 pls i beg u give the ppl Magneto we are waiting for so long already 😁😘 ty
  • NemoAbernniganNemoAbernnigan Posts: 18 Just Dropped In
    So Professor X has the bonus damage on match 4/5 in both his 4* and 5* versions. Onslaught has the match 4/5 as well,  but he blows up all team up tiles instead. Magneto blows up all team up tiles with his red power. So Onslaught has a fusion of the two abilities basically. It would make sense for Magneto to have the same team up tile destruction ability, like Professor X has the match 4/5 or more as his signature, and Onslaught has that but with Magneto's team up tile thing, so the team up tile destruction should be Magneto's signature ability that carries over. The other two powers are different for the two profs but Onslaught can go invisible like 4* Professor on his purple and he also has an interaction with enemy special tiles on his blue, while Magneto can replace them with his yellow protect tile generation. So if they make a 5* Magneto he should have an interaction with enemy special tiles of some sort as well, to further their thematic fusion in their power set. The 5* Professor X can call on members of the X-Men, so maybe Magneto can call on members of The Brotherhood of Mutants? 

    I'm thinking something like:

    Red 8 cost that destroys all team up tiles.
    Blue passive that generates an ap for every enemy special tile in that color at turn start.
    Black 8 cost that summons Quicksilver on green, Scarlett Witch on purple, Sabretooth on black, Juggernaut on red, Mystique on blue, and I dunno who on yellow.
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