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I've started on the 4 * transition, well I say started but I've been doing it for a little while. I have 18 slots left to open. What I've been finding annoying, is that the roster is sorted on levels then name. I know you can filter it by star levels but there are a hell of a lot of 4 stars floating around. 

To find out if I have a slot open for a character is easy enough, I just look at the ones I don't have and as it's in alphabetical order I will be able to find is easy enough. The problem comes when I'm looking for someone I already have, if I need to check powers or whatever reason. If they are a mixture of levels then trying to find someone is actually quite difficult. 

It's not a moan up, or a game breaker, just something that would make it a little easier. To be fair I can live with it but given that the number of 4 stars isn't getting smaller it would be hand. And apolgies if this has been mentioned before.


  • TPF AlexisTPF Alexis Posts: 3,814 Chairperson of the Boards
    Once more can't hurt. This is one of the big issues that a lot of people have, especially folks who keep dupes of their max champs. Even for those who don't, it can be an issue. I've got everyone Rostered, and so when I want to use 3* Thanos, I have to dig back 16 pages through the Team Selection screen to get to him.
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    Seconded (thirded?).

    If the code already exists to sort our roster by star-level, which it does, then allowing us to sort our roster by star level on the team selection screen should be a very easy change to make (easy for a programmer) because the code to sort our roster by star level is already in the game.

    Personally, I blame Management. That's the only reason I can think of for it not having already been implemented on the team selection screen. Nobody in Management has told the programming team to make this change, and the programmers will only do what they're told to do because to do something they've not been told to do would be risking their job.
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    Games that I see filter being implemented with over 100 Characters in game are usually played horizontally. 

    Playing MPQ horizontally on mobile might be a bit challenging. 

    UI is usually the more difficult part of a game to implement and test successfully, especially for mobile games. 

    I would love to have some filter system available but the selection is going to be pretty small or characters are going to get smaller to implement the filter system.

  • y4747y4747 Posts: 155 Tile Toppler
    same. it's kind of sad i remember by heart the number of clicks i need to reach 3* thanos for every pve event (22~23, btw).
    also for reaching 1* widow for team up, only there it's like 34.
  • TPF AlexisTPF Alexis Posts: 3,814 Chairperson of the Boards
    I was just thinking about how I want to get more levels for Grocket, not because I need them to be more powerful, but just so that they're closer to the first page of my roster. That's kind of ridiculous.
  • SkymediumSkymedium Posts: 38 Just Dropped In
    I want this, thought of making a thread myself but this!

    I only have 167 slots so far but its annoying enough to sort through. People with more must go nuts.
  • jamaussjamauss Posts: 13 Just Dropped In
    edited July 2019
    Just like you can tap on the 'heart' to set a character as a bonus hero - add a 'pin' to let me pin that player to the top/front of the character selection list. Then just set the sort order to pinned characters first, then by power, name, etc (like already implemented). This would be EASY to do but they're too busy working on the 435th useless 4* character to add to the game, I'm sure.
  • peterdarkpeterdark Posts: 151 Tile Toppler
    Something to help you sort your supports would also be handy, especially an easier way to see who has what equipped.
  • theomentheomen Posts: 99 Match Maker
    Good point OP! I quite like the idea of a favourite teams button. That way you could set your most commonly used teams with ease.
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