Which 3 should be my main team for PVE?

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I’ve been switching between a couple. But I’m wondering what my best lineup to use would be. Here is my roster: https://mpq.gamependium.com/rosters/Booduhking2/


  • DAZ0273
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    You probably can still use more than one team depending on the situation.

    For goon heavy nodes all you really need is Dr. Strange, he is probably your fastest option at this point. However adding someody with strike tiles to boost Flames would be nice and Iron Fist is as good as anybody else. BW2 can then usefully extend count down tiles but obviously there is purple AND blue overlap. I would probably use 2* Storm as she can hide behind Strange and Fist but has an aoe + stun. Or sub-out IF and use IM40 to concentrate on Blue and red AP from recharge to power Strange/Storm's blue and Storm's green.

    For tile movers then you clearly already have set up an IF/LC partnership. I would maybe level up 3* Thor and make use of his red with yellow AP generation for Cage and green AOE.

    If you are going with the IF/LC partnership going forward then I would chase Scarlet Witch to keep Fist's purple reclcling into black. If you are looking for partners for your IM40 then Thor, 3* Cap and when you get him from champ rewards Patch are all viable.
  • Dormammu
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    You need to champ IM40 and reconfigure him to 5/3/5, partner him with Dr. Strange, and put them with a big green user so that IM40's Recharge has someone to feed. Right now that's probably your 2-star Thor. Until your IM40 is champed you could use 2-star Wolverine as a third (reconfigure to 5/5/3) and use his red instead of IM40's. 
  • KGB
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    When my roster looked like yours I ran:

    Strange/Cage/Fist for PvE.

    Cage's protect tile along with Fist's attack tile really helps against tile movers and lets you fight a long time with almost no health pack usage (I often could complete my whole set of clears with 0 or 1 health pack). Strange is there for his stun and Flames power.

    When facing goons only you can swap out Cage if you want for someone else (I rarely bothered).

    If you are going with this team I'd suggest changing Cage to 5/5/3 (you rarely use his black except as a finisher on the final enemy since you want 12 black so Fists purple does the damage component).