0 Mythics 1 Rare Tier 1 competitive deck in current standard

There is a deck in current standard, which is not only extremely powerful and consistent - but also super budget, as it doesn't rely on hard to get cards. Since I have never played against it, nor have I seen anyone mention it, I guess I am going to publish my list:
Blood Operative (Rare) -- basically the main reason to play the deck. The card is absolute powerhouse. "Whenever you surveil, if there are 6 or more black gems, lose 3 life and return this creature from your graveyard to the battlefield" -- the way rules work, if you surveil him into the graveyard, he gets triggered by this very surveil trigger which milled him. Combine this with the fact that he is 5/3 with lifelink, and you can't resist but to build the deck around him.
Disinformation Campaign (uncommon) -- even if you don't have Blood Operative, this card by itself might be good enough of a reason to build a surveil deck. You will be surprised how easy it is to make your opponent empty handed with this innocuous looking support.
Enhanced Surveillance (uncommon) -- enhances your other parts of the deck, as doubling up all your surveils is ridiculous, and the synergy with campaign is exceptionally strong.
Notion Rain (common) and Discovery (uncommon) -- cantrips, trigger your surveil cards, find your Blood Operatives. Mission briefing also might be ok, I never tested it due to its prohibitive cost of 11.
Deadly Visit (common) and Unexplained Disappearance (common) -- removal spells, which are not embarrassing by themselves and also synergize greatly with the rest of the deck. Disappearance is especially cute with Disinformation Campaign, because it becomes a hard removal in Blue, which is funny.
The rest is flexible slots, which you can fill with anything. I personally use Circu (he is a free Mythic and works well with all the cantrips), Storm the Vault (because why wouldn't I) and whatever card I have unmastered as a dead weight ;)


  • Mburn7Mburn7 Posts: 3,309 Chairperson of the Boards
    I run a slightly less budget version of this a lot with Bolas 2.  It's super fun.  Nice to see I'm not the only one!
  • LostmoxLostmox Posts: 4 Just Dropped In
    I run a very similar deck, but I started out with Beacon Bolt. Great in itself, but with Ral, Izzet Viceroy it's pure joy.
  • rafalelerafalele Posts: 876 Critical Contributor
    @TheExaminer thank you, nice idea.
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