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I have been accumulating Latest Legend tokens for quite a while now and I recently passed the magic 300 mark - I'm up to 331.  I also have 4.3 million in iso-8, enough to champ quite a few 5*s.  So my question is  - when do I pull the trigger?

As you can see from my roster linked below, I have nine fully covered 5*s, all soft capped at 350.  In fact all my 5*s with 7+ covers are at 350, 20 total.  All but the most recent 4*s are champed and my 2/3* farms are in great shape.  So all my iso-8 can go toward leveling 5*s (and the occasional 4*).

I'm a t10 pve player in scl7 and play enough pvp to reach a modest 8000 season total.  Once I start champing my 5*s, I will likely move up to scl8, although I am a little worried about how it will affect my pvp play.

Soooo....is the current trio of Doom/Marvel/Hela worth going for?  Should I wait for Rescue to replace Doom?  Or is the best play to be patient and wait for a really good trio?

Thanks for your opinions!


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    Looking at your roster, you could already play pvp and pve both successfully (CL 9), if you decided to champ your 5*s. 

    For pve, you have Thanos and Thor. 

    In pvp, Thor/DD should still be capable of 1200, I think? Definitely could get 900 easily without shielding. It might depend on the slice you play in. And you have BSSM, so you could feed on Gritty teams when you see them. 

    Kitty is way behind, but Okoye is at 5 black and would already be worth using in pve on some nodes. Your hoard is big enough that you could hope for a couple of BH Okoye covers. 

    Of the current 3 latest characters, I think Hela is the one most worth going for, and also the one that plays best with 5*s you have. 

    Doom or Rescue... I don't know. I think Rescue might be better than many on the forum are saying, but hard to say. Doom is ok too, just not fast enough to use at higher scores. If I had to choose, I'd probably say Doom would play a bit better with your roster than Rescue. That's all speculation really, before we can see her in practice.

    But that might all be moot, since you could open for Doom...Hela and keep earning enough pulls to cover following 5*s as you go. Mostly depends on where your 3* farm is, atm. Is most of it in the top half of champ levels? giving most of LTs and cp there are? 

    One last thing... Going from 4* pvp to 5* pvp can be a bit hard at start. It could take a week or so of pvp events till you adjusted to different teams and how they play. 

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    Huge thanks for your post, a lot of good advice and food for thought.  I think I am going to pull, at least until Doom and Hela are fully covered.  Hopefully I will get Okoye close as well.  Once 4* Thanos is champed, I will switch my BH to Shuri and she will get me another Okoye cover before too long.

    I've already started using my L350 Thor and Okoye duo quite a bit in pve.  It's sped things up, even with her having only 10 covers.  I can only imagine once Thor is champed and Okoye is close, should be devastating and allow me to move up to scl8 or 9.  I've never been quite as enamored with Thanos.  Sure, he can kill teams quickly, but who do you pair with him?  Just rotate teammates constantly?  Heroes that heal themselves like DD, Okoye or Doom?

    My 3* farm is not too bad, about half my dupes are 225+.  So they are a very good source for keeping me resupplied.  And these LT pulls will be a huge boost for my 4* heroes as well, earning my a lot of cp and LTs.

    As you said, pvp's gonna take some getting used to, but hopefully I'll be happy to finally reach 5* land and not look back.

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    A couple things. One, I pmmed you. 

    Two, my transition was very similar to yours in that I made the leap with a stable of characters just like you did. So if you have any questions along the way feel free to message and let me know. This is my thread chronicling my move to 5* play (https://forums.d3go.com/discussion/76951/i-ve-denied-the-signs-too-long-i-m-a-5-player#latest)

    Thanos is absolutely huge in PVE. I’m playing CL8, and pair him with several options
    1. 5* Essential/Daredevil
    2. Gritty
    3. Rocket/Guardian

    Basically anything that can speed up the already high 5* match damage and down the weakest enemy is usually enough for the other two to fall. It’s not as healthpack intensive as I imagined it’d be and is well worth it for fast clear times. Thanos/DD alone is enough to T5 CL8 most times. Easily T10. 
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    Thanks very much for the response.  I look forward to reading your linked topic.  Jumping into 5* land is a huge step and I need all the advice I can get.

    I'm also glad to hear that Thanos doesn't burn through the healthpacks as much as I thought.  I will just have to play around with it to find the right teams for the right nodes.

    Will post the results of my LT spending tomorrow (I know you are all so excited).
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    So I took the plunge and spent a good portion of my 331 LTs and here are the results.  They are about average statistically, although my BH frequency was poor.

    I used 227 LTs and got:
    5* covers - 32 +1 BH
    4* covers - 195 + 9 BH

    I had hoped to get more than one Okoye BH cover, but at least she's up to 11 covers now.  I had 4* Thanos as my BH and got him champed before switching to Shuri and getting her to 296.  So my 12th Okoye is not too far away.

    The best news was that my 5* cover distribution was pretty evenly spread out.  Doom and Hela reached 13 covers and able to champ.  Marvel is at 15 covers and still missing a green, but I think she's just not that important.  So I stopped spending LTs once Doom and Hela were fully covered.  Who knows how many more LTs it would have taken to get that Marvel green.

    Then I spent most of my iso and champed Thor, Bolt, DD, Thanos, Doom, Hela, OML and both Spideys.  I also leveled Okoye from 350 to 420 and champed 4* Thanos.

    So I now have the above nine champed 5*s plus CapAm (First Avenger) and Hulk fully covered waiting on iso.  I'm at 530k, but wanna build it back up a bit.  Strange, Marvel and IM are at 12 covers.

    Thanks to all who gave me advice and guidance both here and thru PMs.  Much appreciated!
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    Welcome to 5* land!

    Enjoy boosted Doom in PVE! I paired mine with Thanos and they just melt enemies (CL8). Despite countless Court Deaths I never spent a pack on Doom. The occasional opponent Yellow/Black match was enough to keep him humming just fine. 
  • RamseyRamsey Posts: 18 Just Dropped In
    I joined scl8 as well in the DPvMPQ event and Doom is insane!  I paired him with Thanos and OML and blew through things with no problem.  And everyone was near full health at the end as you said.  Thanos also provides an easy way to whittle down Thor's health I would imagine when trying to get him below 50%.

    I read your transition topic btw.  Very entertaining and your thoughts about wanting to remain in 4* land were eerily close to mine.
  • Daredevil217Daredevil217 Posts: 2,813 Chairperson of the Boards
    Ramsey said:
    I joined scl8 as well in the DPvMPQ event and Doom is insane!  I paired him with Thanos and OML and blew through things with no problem.  And everyone was near full health at the end as you said.  Thanos also provides an easy way to whittle down Thor's health I would imagine when trying to get him below 50%.

    I read your transition topic btw.  Very entertaining and your thoughts about wanting to remain in 4* land were eerily close to mine.
    I don’t have Logan (mine is a few feeder covers away from being 4/3/3 so maybe someday), but I’d recommend trying DD as a third. When he heals he puts a strike on the board and those strikes add up. Especially in those instances where the opponent is meatier and one court death doesn’t do it. Thanos, a bunch of stunned allies and some strong strikes is better than thanos and some stunned allies. 
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    I would suggest you at least try CL 9 when the essential 5* is one of your champs. With Thanos, you could even  play competitively for top 10/20, just maybe don't prejoin a bracket or enter in the first hour or two after the slice is open. Or do just that too, to see how it differs? If you were to chase high placement with Thanos, that might cost a few health packs, though. Otherwise, with a little slower clears, Thanos/DD will get it done with little or no health packs spent. Or even tiny (3*) Thanos with Okoye/Medusa.
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    Kolence - Yeah, seeing how a boosted 5* champ rolls, CL9 is certainly doable.  I usually try to join after a slice flips once or twice, so maybe my placement wouldn't be too bad either.  Thanks for the team suggestions.  I love reading those!

    Daredevil217 - Your namesake would probably be a better third than OML as he would actually contribute something other than not needing heals, heh.  Will give a shot tonight during my sub1 final grind and sub2 initial clears.
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    One more update on my transition to 5* land.  I spent all my CP on the recent Kitty/JJ/Strange store (thanks to DD and BBR for the heads up) with decent results.

    I started out with a 5/5/2 Strange, a 0/4/3 Kitty and a 4/2/1 JJ.  My BHs were Okoye at 5/4/2 and Shuri (who feeds Okoye) at 297.  So with 51 pulls (plus another 1 or 2 from CP gained from champ levels), I was hoping to get Okoye and Strange champed plus make a little headway on Kitty and JJ.  And this is basically what happened.

    Ended up with 53 pulls - 45 were 4*, 8 were 5*, almost exactly adhering to the law of averages.  But unlike my earlier hoard spending spree from a couple weeks ago, I did pretty well with the BH covers.  I got three 4* BHs which pushed Shuri to 300 and an Okoye cover.  I also got two 5* BHs.  So Okoye is champed!

    The only downside was that four of the eight 5* covers were Strange.  He did get his last yellow, so he is champed at 453 now.

    Kitty got three covers and luckily two were her missing yellow, so she is at 2/5/3.

    JJ didn't get far with only one cover although it was for her lowest color.  She is at 4/2/2.

    So all in all, I did average on 4v5 distribution, pretty well on BHs and correct colors gained.  In a couple weeks, the SHIELD Resupply will give my 5* IM his final cover, so I will have 14 of them champed.  Thanks to all who provided advice and encouragement along the way!
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