NJL (MPQ T5) has T50 hybrid spots

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NJLearthpve have a permie t100ish hybrid spot.

- We have a lot of drama in the alliance. I'm partial to Netflix but Amazon and Disney are cool.
- Bosses don't usually last long unless they get heavy handed, usually we will all quit in solidarity if so...
- Cl10 is for losers, we have plenty of those.

Seriously though we've been around since beginning of MPQ and will be here at the death, so a good chance to join.

NJL (Njusticeleague) alliance family have spots open for new / old players. We've been here since the beginning of alliances, relaxed atmosphere but competitive when needed.

We can offer
T10 PvE / T50 PvP  - njust1cepve
T25 PvP / T50 PvE  -  njust1celeague
T50/100 PvE / PvP  -  njlearthpve

If Hybrids don't float your boat then we have 
T100 PvP or PvE only

For those with LINE we have a small community that support and help all types of players.

pm me if interested


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