More 3 * is it possible

Would it be possible to add more characters 3 *

If it's a possible. They might add:

Sabretooth; Warpath; Omega Red; Shocker; Electro; LizardMan : Hercules;


This would help acquire some 4 * characters. When championed

Ex: Electro champed -> obtain Kraven the Hunter


  • FelizFeliz Posts: 174 Tile Toppler
    edited July 2019
    I agree more 3* definitely possible, so many forgotten 'little' hero/villain characters.
  • ObiWanPEZObiWanPEZ Posts: 21 Just Dropped In
    I’m going to Rez this.
    I was talking with my new alliance mates, and we would like even to go back to get more 2* supports for certain 3* characters who have no feeders, supporting all of the many, many 4* and 5* characters who have appeared recently.
    We’ve got good farms going, sure, but a lot of characters are boosted by shards-only with no way to get more except events and random pulls, which does not a good roster make.
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