New Thanos Concept

capt_edubblecapt_edubble Posts: 13 Just Dropped In
I had an idea for a new special Thanos character akin to Taskmaster mechanic, where it will allow you to choose which powers, but this mechanic will allow you to choose which 3 colors you want to bring into the battle

Green Time Stone - 18 AP 

You Should Have Gone for the Head - The Mad Titan reverses death itself. Revives a Downed ally and grants them a burst of 30% health.

Blue Space Stone (Passive) 

Dread it. Run from it. Destiny still arrives. - If a teammate take more than 4000 damage, Thanos sends teammates airborne, damages enemy team for 3000 and stuns enemy team for 1 turn

Red - Reality Stone 12 AP

Reality Can Often Be Disappointing - Reality can be whatever Thanos wants. Stun target character and removes 1 special tiles (more at higher levels)

(Passive) Red matches deal 150% more damage

Purple - Power Stone (Passive) 

The Hardest Choices Require the Strongest Wills - Whenever the enemy makes a match-4 or greater, if you have at least 9 AP in that color (including Team-Up), fire a random friendly power at no cost.  If not, gain 1 AP in that color.

Yellow - Mind Stone 12 AP

Your Optimism is Misplaced  - Thanos sees your attack coming and makes the necessary adjustments. Places a 3 turn countdown that prevents enemy matches from gaining AP in its color while on the board(max 1 tile)

(Passive) When you make a Match-5 or greater, destroy AP in the enemy's strongest color.

Black - Soul Stone (Passive)

Balanced, As All Things Should Be  - If you have 15 AP in all colors (including Team up tiles) Thanos will snap away half the tiles on the board. 


  • sinmiedorey_sinmiedorey_ Posts: 2 Just Dropped In
    I like this concept, however I'd change the Reality Stone, Power Stone, and Soul Stone.

    Reality Stone - I like the stun, and the removal of special tiles or abilities (airborne, stun, etc) however, I think it should be able to duplicate the special tiles your team has on the board, and/or the ability to choose any color tile and change majority of the tiles into that color. Just like Night Crawler's Purple Ability 

    Power Stone - Same as what you said but doubles the power of the friendly ability being fired and also increase match damage for those tiles. Similar to America Chavez ability

    Soul Stone - Instead of Tiles, snap away life... I think 15 is a great number, but make it 18 and snap away Half of the HP of the enemy team (or half of your opponents - if 3 remain: downs 1 enemy and half the life of a second enemy; if 2 remain, down one enemy) 
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