Can't upgrade Dupe powers

heybubheybub Posts: 249 Tile Toppler
After the last release, I am unable to upgrade my duplicate CMags with  new cover.  I have a fully maxed CMags at 3/5/5 and a dupe at  lvl 40 with 0/3/1.  I have a yellow cover on the vine, but when I try to upgrade, it tells me I need to reduce my other powers from 5.  It looks like it is only seeing my maxed Cmags, and not the dupe.

This did not happen for any of my other dupes.

Anyone can help here?


  • KGBKGB Posts: 1,249 Chairperson of the Boards
    edited March 2019
    This happens to me all the time.

    Instead of using the Cover screen, go into your Roster screen and filter for 3* characters. Locate your dupe CMags and click on him. Then move to the powers screen and you'll see the ability to add the cover directly.

  • TPF AlexisTPF Alexis Posts: 3,813 Chairperson of the Boards
    Yeah, I've been going through this with the black covers for my dupe 3* Torch. You can also temporarily re-spec your champed version so he has 5 covers in yellow, but it's usually easier to do as KGB describes.
  • abmorazabmoraz Posts: 628 Critical Contributor
    I get to re-use this post again for the 7th time:
    I'm not going to type it all out again, so go here: for a full write-up on what's happening with the champion covers trying to switch powers and why it happens.
    If this keeps coming up in the forums often enough that I get to re-post the reasons behind the poor algorithm that causes it, maybe it's getting pervasive enough to address and fix...
  • heybubheybub Posts: 249 Tile Toppler
    Thanks guys, that did the trick.
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