Top 100 PVE Stark Naked is recruiting - Full

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Stark Naked is a private alliance and we are looking for one player.

We are a T100 PVE alliance with a great interactive team and keep adding big hitters that make full prog plus + each event.

Here is what we strive toward:

Boss events require full participation until we hit alliance progression. We hit full progression by Saturday morning every time with many members playing way beyond.


New release events require full personal progression, more if possible. 3/4 prog is our min for older releases but we typically all hit max progression. We take an event off once in a while leave to avoid burnout and because people have lives. 


No requirements but some members hit at least the 4000 point mark overall for the 10-pack. Others play to at least the 575 mark per event for the 10 cp. Here do whatever you like and are able.


We help others out with advice and teamups and have fun. We use Line to coordinate and communicate. We have a range of players from working through 3* transition, to veterans completing the 4* and 5* champing progress.

No requirements to spend money!  Have fun and communicate if you will be away.

What we are looking for:

Players in any state of transition through the clearance levels who are able to hit max progression in a SCL that is comfortable to them. Ideally, you are in your 3* plus transition level. This is important when facing the boss challenges and being able to hit bosses once they get to those insane levels.

My Line and IGN is Bubba3210 and if this sounds interesting please PM me before attempting to join so we can discuss!



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