How do you fight Gritty-Bishop?



  • TPF Alexis
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    I started taking Valkyrie into fights against un-champed kitty matches, and I can win them. Somewhat counter intuitively, spamming out special tiles keeps her countdown busy rather than becoming a liability. That was in matches in Red Shift where Switch always had a CD out, which made the team particularly vulnerable to them until i could easily get more on the board.
    Yeah, if you can kick out enough Special tiles that they stay ahead of Circuit Breaker, that can actually work out pretty well. I'm thinking of starting to keep Storm black Team-ups when I get them from PvE to have on hand when going up against Kitty.
  • BigSoftieFF
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    I know an ex alliance mate that runs a 530Kitty/370Groot/370Bishop in Sim. Never tried it myself but it’s gotta be brutal.
  • KC_Hammer
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    I have been running kitty, gamora, bishop pretty successfully. The early matches aren't enough to make enemy Bishops jump forward and their first match is enough to get gamora stun. And then kitty can be stunned on turn 2 u a you'll have enough specials for your kitty to start buffing.
  • ThaRoadWarrior
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    My problem is that I almost totally missed out on Kitty, mine is just 2/2/0. So any Kitty-based solution to the Kitty meta is going to be out of my grasp.
  • bbigler
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    I've been trying out Kitty + Bishop + Valkyrie with some success. The key is not to trigger their Bishop on your first turn. So, don't match Kitty's colors. Then when they match on their 1st turn, your Bishop triggers 5 Blue and retals, then their Bishop retals and you get 5 more blue. With these 2 hits, Valkyrie makes 4 strikes. On your 2nd turn, Kitty buffs the 4 strikes, you stun their Kitty, and then hopefully take out their Bishop. The rest of the match should be easy but it always costs a health pack.
  • SMZ210
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    Use TU stun like BW, or Agent Venom take cover, use your own Bishop to gain crazy blue, use Gamora stun, if you have Kitty she will boost & clear enemy tiles, rinse repeat.
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