Paging Dr Strange...

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My Strange is a pitiful 1/1/1 and my Banner is simply 4 covers in purple. Have hoarded a little over 10k in command points and figure I should try my luck to get some strange covers to make him more usable. Don't expect to finish anyone and I will be placing Kitty as my bonus hero. She is currently 4/3/3 and I was to make sure I give myself every chance to complete her when the new season starts (will pull latest when the new 4* rotates in. Have about 100 tokens). 

Won't list out the individual 4* pulls anymore, at this stage they are all simply champion rewards and I don't think anyone is interested. I set a goal of 100 pulls, will save the remaining 300+ for Capt. Marvel. Out of the 100 pulls, I got 16x 5* covers, plus 2x bonus hero. 16% is better than my previous pulls and the 5% bonus hero (including 4*s) were great (especially when 2 were 5*s). Kitty is now one cover away from complete, I should be able to get 1 from the latest tokens I will be pulling (hope I don't jinx myself) . Also got enough war machine champion levels to finish & champion IM46.

Out of the 16 covers, 10 were Banner , 5 were doom and only a single Strange. At least the Banner covers were in good distribution and he too was championed. Not the best outcome since I only got 1 strange, 1/1/2 is still pitiful but I can't complain too much. Kitty is almost there and I championed 2x 5*s.  


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    2 more pulls from the alliance and personal rewards and I got another Banner. 
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    Bishop entered latest tokens. Time to finish kitty by pulling latest...

    took 40 pulls before I got a kitty. Got 2 more kingpin and 4 cable. 7 from 40 is 17.5%. Kitty championed but cable is 5/4/2 with 2 saved, kingpin is 3/0/0
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