Champing Okoye - Saved Covers conversion or BH?

rainkingucd Posts: 841 Critical Contributor
I've managed to pull together a 2/5/5 Okoye with 2 saved covers.  My Shuri is at 299, so only one cover away from giving me the 3rd saved, and allowing me to champ Okoye.  

I'm already in 5* land bascially, but with only 4 champs:
455 Gambit
453 JJ
451 Daredevil
450 Black Bolt

I've got 5 more at 11+ covers (Okoye & OML at 12, Phoenix at 13, Hawkeye & Thanos at 11).  Thor is far down the ladder at 8 covers in terms of Thorkoye, but could still work in PVE.  I am mostly a PVE player, a little PVP (to 900 when I really want a cover, but mainly just to 300 or 575 if I don't have the time).  

I know Okoye is great, and pairs with everyone (Medusa, 4Pool, AC).  Love the heal too, as I tend to rely on DD more than any other 5* because of the heal.  

With the 2/5/5 cover distribution, I'll need 41 more levels for my Shuri before Okoye can be covered that way (which will take a number of months).  So that leaves saved cover conversion or BH.  A couple champ levels won't make much difference either way, but having her higher than my other 5* is good to allow her to tank, and the 3 covers would certainly do that.  

So take the easy way, or keep chugging along on the BH?


  • Dormammu
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    Just champ her. You won't regret it.
  • CT1888
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    If you haven't done it yet, champ her. 
  • rainkingucd
    rainkingucd Posts: 841 Critical Contributor
    Just managed to get my Shuri to 300, and got the 3rd saved Okoye.  I converted and champed her immediately without really thinking about it.  I had been running her with DD & C4rol during Earth's Mightiest and having tons  of fun