650 Taco Tokens

nbperpnbperp Posts: 73 Match Maker
Question for the number crunchers ....

Assuming I was willing to reset the vault each time I got Howard the Duck from the latest Taco Vault and that I have 650 taco tokens... what are the odds that I will be able to pull 5 Howard the Duck covers?


  • RazuhluiRazuhlui Posts: 34 Just Dropped In
    your Percentage it 200%   :D compared to the Vault size of 300 .

    Just pull until you got him, then reset. 
    You're able to get him at least 2 times maybe 4 times with good luck. 
  • helix72helix72 Posts: 468 Mover and Shaker

    1) exactly 300 tokens in the vault, exactly 1 of which is a Howard cover
    2) each time you pull a Howard cover, you reset the vault and the new vault also meets assumption 1 above
    3) once you have 5 Howard covers, you stop
    4) you do not care what color each cover is

    I ran 500 simulations, and here were the results:

    Covers # times %
    2 56 11%
    3 161 32%
    4 139 28%
    5 143 29%

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