Family Legend store, or Classics?

froggerjohn Posts: 356 Mover and Shaker

I have 97 LTs, and 25CP right now.

The two main goals are:
1. Having the 5e for PvE
2. Continuing to build the remaining 4*s (most are low coves, so only occasionally can I complete DDQ Crash)

I have all but 10 5*s covered, and no interest (or ability) in the near future to enter 5* play.
I typically spend CP on classics as soon as I get 20+, and spend the LT's on each rotation to get the nest 5e for PvE. The idea being, having the Latest will let me complete the 5e "most of the time", while getting the better efficiency on Classics for completing my 4*s.

But I'm looking at the Family Legend store right now, and I don't have either Bolt or 5Thor. (I do have a 1/0/0 OML).

Wondering if it's a better idea for the next 10 days for me to pull from this store, instead of Classics?
Or with small amounts of CP, if the odds are just not good enough, and I'm better off getting 20% more pulls in Classics.


  • Quebbster
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    Bolt, Thor and OML are all Classic anyway so they won't be featured in PvE a whole lot - both Bolt and Thor had their turns in the current cycle and OML is at the tail end so neither one will be essential for quite some time unless they veer away from the Schedule. If your priority is getting fourstar covers then just go with Classics, you are not covering any of them at this Point and they all have feeders that can give you covers in due time.
  • froggerjohn
    froggerjohn Posts: 356 Mover and Shaker
    I ended up pulling from Family Legends, and not even so much for Bolt and Thor, as for the 5x odds on some of the really good 4s. Hoping for RBG, and none yet, but got two Rogue, who's now 3/3/3. So already happy with the decision.

    The others so far were:
    Carol: 2/6/11
    Iron Spider: 2/5/4
    Sandman: 0/2/1