Will selling high level characters lower your MMR?

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I feel like I shot myself in the foot getting excited about maxing out my favorite 5*. Most of my roster is champed 4* characters with no one >300. I champed my Green Goblin and now PvP is no longer fun. Has anyone tried lowering their MMR by selling off a high leveled character? I would be sad to lose GG (and probably the Loki I near-maxed) but then my max level would be 300.

Of course, if it doesn’t work then I would just be making it all even more difficult, hence the question.


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    Hmm in my experience, and many others’, PvP is still manageable with only 1 champ 5*. For myself, I made Surfer my first champ 5* when my highest 4* were in the mid-280s, and I had very few problems. Of course, that depends on what level your Loki is. If he is around 400, then yes, that will definitely affect your MMR aversely.

    I would strongly discourage you from selling your champed 5* Green Goblin, especially since - as I deduce from your post - he’s your favourite. However, you might want to do that for Loki. What’s his current build and level?

    If your Loki is near 13 covers, an alternate option for you is you might want to try and finish him before he leaves Latests on New Year’s Eve, then champ him. Goblin/Loki might not be the most optimum 5* duo for PvP, but they’re decent enough.
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    My Loki has all 13 covers and 2 bonus besides. The only two of my 5* anywhere close to max level. I suppose I could just suffer through this painful period and focus more on building a solid 5* team. GG is champed 450 and Loki is 430 at the moment though I could champ him today if I wanted to.
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    DocGibbs said:
     I champed my Green Goblin and now PvP is no longer fun. Has anyone tried lowering their MMR by selling off a high leveled character?
    Yes, it will lower your MMR and put you back into 4-star play.
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    I actually really enjoyed the 1 5* PvP MMR for quite a while.  I would recommend selling Loki first if you find GG to be your favorite 5*.  At some point, you will regret selling both GG or Loki once you get more 5* characters however if that is what you need to do at this time to have fun, do it.  In stark contrast though, the 5* should make your PvE a whole lot easier or allow you to move up to SCL 9 etc.  
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    A follow up. Today I received a GG cover, so I kept Loki and dumped my max GG. My MMR did drop, and I think it will bring some fun back in. Every fight in PvP the last month was painful and embarrassing and usually ended with defeat. Now, hopefully, I can compete again. Sad to lose GG, he was my powerhouse for a long time. But Loki is a tad better and perhaps I can rebuild in time. Been playing for almost 1600 days. Slow and steady. Hopefully I’ll not make another MMR error like that, it’s certainly painful.

    Edit: To clarify, I now only have one maxed 5* (Loki) instead of two (add Green Goblin). Two meant I was always facing 5* teams in combos greater than mine (Like my last fight before the change where I fought and lost too quickly to Kitty Pride and Old Man Logan...yowch.)